Adventures for 25 cents

by Davina on April 18, 2014

When it rained on our parade (or adventure)

Mountain hiking and kayaking were the two things we were most looking forward to as we drove through the Appalachians earlier this week.  Rain was hitting the windshield and we were hoping that as we got nearer our destination the storm would let up magically.  Everything would be dry and all the things we’d dreamed of doing would be possible.

Instead, it just kept raining.  It didn’t stop the whole time we were there.  The river was too fast for our beginner kayaking skills and the trails were all mud.  We didn’t want to be deterred from getting to see something of the little town we were visiting.

What we did

We got in the car, flipped a coin and let fate take us where it would.  Right was heads, left, tales.

Stuff that we’d have never seen

We saw cabins that we stopped we had never known existed.  We got a personal tour and now we can’t wait for a chance to stay there.

After lots of turns and seeing parts of the town we had never seen before we came to a place where it looked like the road ended.  We had already been places we hadn’t seen and this road looked like another chance to see something new.  We had no idea what was ahead or if it was a dead end.

We drove for miles seeing some beautiful views.  When we got hungry we pulled over and ate our lunch at a turn out.  The rain let up a little and we put our windows down, listening to the birds sing and the gentle rain on the canopy of trees around us.  We freaked out when Mike would get close to the drop offs.  We laughed about jokes from the back of the van and listened to odd facts from Emmett.


Eventually, we drove into a cloud.  We got out of the car, the wind whipping around us.  There was some dancing and some fake karate kicks to the gut.  Grace hugged me tight against the wind.  There was laughing and singing out into the expanse.  We had reached the end of the road.

The destination was fun but how we’d gotten there was funner (‘more fun’ is probably more correct but funner is funner to say).

Trusting a coin on a rainy day gave us adventure we weren’t expecting.

What ways do you let adventure into your familyness?

Davina Fear is a Familyness Adventurer.  She recently discovered something she had never known.

She blogs at and teaches The Familyness Photo Workshop.

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