you have a story.

Pinterest is awesome.  It’s also good at making us believe that each aspect of our lives needs to ‘Pinterest-Worthy.’

Why the heck does our life have to be Pinterest-Worthy?

I’ve said it to my friends before..”I’d like to create a party that is Pinterest-Worthy.’

The truth is…I’m sick of trying to be Pinterest-Worthy (PW for the rest of this post) and run a PW life and design a PW house and have kids that dress in a PW way.

What I really want though is the truth.

Because my truth is awesome!  And so is yours!

When my kids were little I was so into letting them be who they were.  From the time they were small I never picked out their clothes or told them they couldn’t do something just because I was afraid of how it would look to other people when we went out the door.

How do you get LESS wise?

As they’ve gotten older I fear I’ve gotten less wise (I didn’t think it was supposed to happen that way…I thought you just kept getting wiser and wiser and eventually people would hike a mountain to hear your wise words…nope).  Instead, all of those insecurities I had when I was a teenager are re-surfacing now that my kids are teenagers.  I see what they face and I want them to fit in…I don’t want them to feel like they don’t fit…I know what that feels like.  I remember from my teenage days.

My favorite parts of them though are the parts of them that are them.  And only them!

The funny thing is..

My favorite parts of who we are, as a family are the parts that are US.  The parts that aren’t other people.  It’s not the parts that fit into the perfectly beautiful PW world.  I love OUR story…the funny expressions, the frustration in the Walmart aisle over school supplies, the favorite clothes we wear, the way my kids experiment with the way they dress wanting to be who they are and not who someone else is, the way we quote movies to converse with each other….

What I want to remember

I’m finding that 25 years after I left my teen years my teenagers are showing ME how to be myself…to embrace me and love me.

My truth.  Their truth.  That’s what I want to remember.

And it doesn’t look PW.  And that’s what makes our life my favorite.

How to photograph your Back to School Days in a NON-PW way:

*Remember your story starts way before the day they go back to school.  Shopping for school supplies, deciding what clothes to wear the first day, breakfast, back to school night at the school, playing on the oh-so-missed-playground-with-long-lost-school-friends after back to school night, walking into the school….there’s so much more to your story than the picture on the front stoop.

*Take the picture when they are frustrated.  It counts, too. The messy stuff, it’s interesting, too.  Who you are right now will be different next year…same with your kids.  Photograph that part.

*Notice it.  Look for the good stuff and the crazy stuff.  Whether you homeschool, go to public/private school, unschool…whatever it is…you have your own story.  It’s fantastically yours.  Notice it…even if you don’t photograph it.

When families think they are kind of boring

So often I have families that I photograph that say they don’t have anything special about their family…they worry that I will find them boring.  The awesome part of photographing the families I photograph happens after I’ve photographed them…they say things like, “I LOVE seeing my family through your eyes!” and “I hadn’t realized how NOT-boring we are!”

Your family and your story is amazing.  Have fun seeing it!

davina_bio_photo_3_squareDavina Fear is a Familyness Photographer and Adventurer. She photographs Day in the Life sessions for families while she road trips around the country.

She blogs at davinafear.com. Click here to learn more about familyness or The Familyness Photo Workshop.

DIY School Paper Station

by Destri on August 15, 2014

DIY School Paper Organizer

It’s time!  Some of us have the kids are going to back to school blues, and some of us are secretly jumping for joy-or if you’re like me it changes every hour :).  I always miss the lazy mornings of summer the most, but then getting back into a routine is always a little refreshing too.  I’ll just repeat that ten times until it sinks in!

The one thing I dread the most with approaching school year is all the paper work that comes home.  I only had one child in school last year, and I couldn’t believe all that we’d pull out of his back pack every day. And this year I have two!  If I were super organized I am sure it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I always end up scrambling looking for this note or that with reminders and dates in the rush if the morning, certain I have forgot something.

So when our Michaels Makers Challenge this month was to make the school year more organized, I knew exactly the mess I wanted to tackle!  It’s super simple, and I think the kids can do it on their own-so it’s perfect!

Catch me after the jump for all the details!

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