20 Handmade Gifts Anyone Can Make

by Destri on November 26, 2012

When I was about ten years old I remember finding a wooden jewelry box under the tree on Christmas morning.  My brother had made it for me in wood shop at school.  He waited until I had gone to bed on Christmas Eve to place it unwrapped under the tree with a little necklace tucked inside.  I cannot recall any other gift I received that year.  Not even the big one from Santa that I must have dreamed about for weeks.

Looking back, the presents I remember most are the ones that someone had made. The slippers with the little pom poms my mom crocheted every year, the wrangler butt ceramic vase my aunt made for my trinkets, the afghan a Grandmother I barely knew sent to me one year, and the tea towels another had hand embroidered with the days of the week for when I married.

I can’t tell you they were my most favorite gifts every given year – but I can tell you they are the ones I remember and now appreciate the most.  There is a certain energy that comes with a handmade gift that simply can’t be bought.

Now I’m not suggesting that anything you buy won’t be special, or that you try to make a gift for everyone on your list.  Just pick a couple, maybe the ones that are hardest to buy for, and commit to making them something.  Or perhaps encourage your kids to make a gift to give this year.

So with that in mind, instead of the giant list of cyber Monday deals I could present you with – I am going to give you a list of things that anyone can make.  No special tools or skills required.  Just a little time and maybe a quick trip to the store for supplies. I even included some you can make in the kitchen :)

20 Handmade Gifts That Anyone Can Make

img via glamour and grace blog

These are just are some of my favorites, but if you don’t see something on the list you like just take a browse on Tip Junkie, Or Everything Etsy – they each have huge list of gifts you can make.

Now go make something!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday friends,


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