Blowing Kisses Your Way Valentines With Printable

by Destri on January 31, 2012

Blowing Kisses Your Way Handmade Valentine
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I am in love with this little Valentine for a few reasons: It’s cute, no candy, and super easy.  Last year we had Valentine’s Day candy well through summer, no kidding. It put Halloween to shame – craziness!  So this year, we’re opting for a sweet way to spread the love without all the sugar.

Blowing Kisses Your Way Handmade Valentines

I got the idea from Aubrey; for neighbor and friends gifts these last holidays, she gave out little bags of bubble gum with a note saying “Blowing Christmas Wishes Your Way” and I thought it was the cutest idea.  I knew it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day and my kids valentines.

There are many ways you could switch this up, catch me after the jump for the free download and all the details!

Blowing Kisses Your Way Handmade Valentines

wedding favor bubbles

I found these wedding favor bubbles at Micheal’s in the wedding section, they were $8.99 for 36.  I used a 40% off coupon I printed off their website from the weekly ad section at the top, costing me about $5.00 in the end, not bad!  They had white bubbles and blue ones available too, so you could make this little man friendly too.

For ours I made a little design to print off and then used a glue stick to glue card stock paper onto the back.

Then I just snipped two little holes in the center and threaded string through the back to tie on the bubbles.

Handmade Valentines

Pretty easy, cute, and inexpensive. I think she likes it :)

If you would like to use the image I made just click on the picture below and save to your computer then print. You could even save it to a word format and duplicate the image and resize it if you needed.  To get two on a page, duplicate on landscape setting.  To save on ink, print one and then take to a local copy shop.

Valentine Kisses Printable

A few variations on this:

  • For older kids you could use a little bag of bubble gum balls with a tag attached
  • Use a pack of Extra gum, make a little wrapper to go around it saying “Blowing EXTRA Valentine Kisses Your Way”
  • If you have only a few kids to give to, you could use a bigger bottle of bubbles and wrap paper over the label for the Valentine message

To make your own custom label, head over to picmonkey, they have all the premium features available until they close in April (wipes tears).  I have a tutorial on how to make your own printables here.  I cropped my white image to 682 x 682 (you could go a tad smaller) and then added the bubbles and text.

Looking for more ideas?  Check out our other simple handmade Valentines here.  The Paper Calla Lilies are my favorite for grandparents and teachers.

Now, let’s just hope everyone doesn’t go sugarless for Valentine’s Day this year…I do look forward to helping them it eat!


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