Boutique Style For Less Challenge

by Destri on September 7, 2010

Have you ever walked into one of those super cute boutiques and thought “Man, my kid sure would look cute in that”, only to turn the price tag over and see a $60 price tag on it? Or fell in love with a tutorial on line and then after reading through it, the math involved convinced you it would just be easier to buy one?  Or maybe you bought a super cute pattern, bought all the fabric and then set it next to your sewing machine because you have yet to find an afternoon you could devote the time?  Yeah, me too.  So it got me to thinking.

I can’t afford to buy all my kids clothes at a swanky boutique, but maybe if I took the time to hand embellish some super thrift finds, then maybe I could buy one or two signature pieces from that boutique to finish off the look.  And while I don’t have enough time right now to conquer all the patterns and tutorials I want to, there are times each day that I could invest a half an hour to a project. So that is what I am going to do.  I am moving in three weeks…again…and I want my fall projects for my kids clothing to be all wrapped up before I go.  No better motivator than to make a challenge ‘eh.

So here is how it is going to work.  I am going to post one or two projects a day for one week that are easy, fast, and hopefully fun ways to dress up kids clothing.  Some will be up-cycling, some will be ideas I have seen around and things I have found that will go along with the theme. The idea is to make outfits, with coordinating mix and matching pieces, like you would find at Gymboree or Gap.  And then occasionally taking it up a notch to the designer end.

I have a plan already in place, having done a little shopping for those splurge pieces at the boutique, spent a bunch at the local thrift stores, and gathered ideas and inspiration from all over.  In a weeks time I hope to have my kids set for the fall and winter with a closet of clothing that will be fun to dress them in.  Because for some reason, clothes I make for them are so much funner…why is that?

I am going to commit to an equal amount of boy and girl projects…I do have a boy after all, and it is time I spend a little more of my creative energy on him too.  I am also going to have quite a few projects that don’t require a sewing machine, so everyone can join in the fun.

So what do you say are you in?  Do you have a few ideas that might help me out?  I knew you would!

Next Thursday I will post a linky so everyone can link up to their projects, or I will put up a link to the flickr pool so you can post them there. Oh this will be good fun!  You can post projects you have done from my ideas, new ones you have come up with, or even outfits you have put together on a dime.  Just remember the theme, Boutique Style For Less….meaning less time and money.  Because right now I think a lot of us are short on both :).

Come back tomorrow and I will be posting the first two of the tutorials.

Talk soon!


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