Chinese New Year : Tissue Paper Snake

by Aubrey on February 6, 2013

tissue paper snakeIt’s Chinese New Year on Monday, February 10th, year of the snake!  Here at our house, we are getting excited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with red envelopes, a delicious Chinese dinner, and our tissue paper snake.  :-)  If you don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, you should consider it…it’s fun to have an excuse to teach my girls about another culture and eat Chinese food.  Catch me after the jump for instructions on how to make the tissue paper snake, along with some other fun snake ideas.

Tissue Paper Snake


  • paper to glue the snake on
  • red and black tissue paper cut into about 1 1/2″ squares
  • glue
  • pencil
  • snake to trace (optional – I’m sure I could have drawn my own snake, but I like to trace)  :-)

supplies for snake

Take each square one at a time and center the end of the pencil on it.   Then wrap the tissue paper tightly around the pencil.

tissue paper on pencil

We found that it was easiest for my four year old to sit on a blanket so that the pencil would have a little support when she held it and wrapped the tissue paper around it.  We tried a lot of different ways and this was definitely the easiest.  It was a little tricky for her to learn but once she figured it out, she was so proud of herself.  It was great fine motor skills practice.

holding the pencil

After the tissue paper is on the pencil, we put a little dot of glue on the end and put it on the snake we traced.  a dot of glue

My daughter made a line down the middle of the snake and then I filled in the rest.

making the snake

Tip:  We put the eyes on first to make sure they weren’t covered up with the red.

Here are some other fun snake ideas that I found that I thought you might enjoy as well.

Paper Snake by Red Ted Art’s Blog

Cardboard Tube Snakes crafts by Amanda

Snake Crafts by Danielle’s Place

Happy Chinese New Year!


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