Christmas Songs & Fingerplays

by Aubrey on December 2, 2012

Christmas Songs and Fingerplays

Happy December! Can you believe it, Christmas is 24 days away!  I hope you have all been enjoying Christmas music as much as we have in our home.  I’ve collected a few Christmas and Winter fingerplays that I thought would be fun to do with the kids.  You can only hear jingle bells from your little one so many times, right? Give these fun songs a whirl, your kids will love them.   Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Here is the Chimney 

Here is the chimney (make a fist, enclosing thumb)
Here is the top. (place palm of other hand on top of fist)
Open the lid. (lift off top hand quickly)
Out Santa will pop! (quickly pop up thumb)

Santa Claus

(sung to tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”)

Santa, Santa, come and see,
I’ve been good, please visit me!
Christmas Eve I’ll close my eyes
And hope you leave a nice surprise.
Santa, Santa, visit me,
And put a gift beneath my tree.

Reindeer and Snowflakes

(have fun with your child by acting out the actions)

Reindeer leap, snowflakes sleep.
Reindeer hop, snowflakes stop.
Reindeer clap, snowflakes tap.
Reindeer haul, snowflakes fall.
Reindeer glide, snowflakes hide.

Snowman Movement Song
Before you begin singing the song, ask the question, “What does the snowman want to do today?”  then in reply they choose an action word (jump, skip, run, turn…) and sing the song to the tune of “Skip to My Lou.”

He wants to ____________ today.
He wants to ____________ today.
He wants to ____________ today.
That is what I heard him say.

**At the end of each verse choose another action word.  This would be fun in a group or with just one.  Also, it would be fun to have a snowman that the child could hold, when it was their turn to pick what the action is.  Help your child make a snowman and then tape it to a ruler or popsicle stick.


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