Cookie Flowers Kids Craft

by Destri on April 25, 2012

Cookie Flowers Kids Craft

I was trying to think of something perfect for a Mother’s Day gift kids can make and in my search I found these Cookie Flowers Aubrey had made years ago.  I just love that they combine three things women love: candy, cookies, and flowers…especially made by a little loved one.  I think they would make a perfect thank you gift for Teachers from kids too.  I have a couple sugar-less options for you too.  Catch me after the jump for details on the best tasting kids craft you’ve ever tried!

Cookie Flower Bouquets


  • wooden skewers
  • cookies with a hole in the center – normally shortbread
  • gumdrops


Put all the supplies out where the kids can get to them easily, and make sure you’re there to watch over the littlest ones, we dont want anyone losing an eye ;).

Have them put a gumdrop on the skewer, then a cookie or two, and then top it off with another gumdrop.

To tighten the flowers gently press on the bottom and top of the gumdrops to press the cookies together.

Then just stick them in a pretty vase or something with some rocks, floral stones.  I think for a teacher’s gift it would be fun to put them in a container they can use again and just place some floral foam in the bottom that you can stick the skewers in.

I think the biggest challenge with these is making sure they make it to the intended recipient before getting eaten!  Aubrey had found the original idea on Sugardoodle, and I am sure they have a bunch of fun crafts for Mother’s Day if you take a look-see.

If you are looking for some “sugar-free” flowers kids can make we have a couple more options for you.  These Hand Print Flowers are adorable, and these Calla Lily paper flowers are simple and fun to make too.

I have a really fun flower coming up too.  My sister, brother and I used to spend hours making them.  At the time I didn’t realize what a treat it must have been for my mom to have something occupy our time so well, but now…I know it’s golden!

Happy hump day friends and thanks so much for reading,


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