Cotton Ball Snowball Fight

by Aubrey on December 19, 2012

cotton ball snowball fight

Snowball fights where I live are pretty far and few between, especially when the temperature is 68 degrees in the morning and up to 80 by the afternoon!  This is why I love Texas!  Having a cotton ball snowball fight is something everyone can enjoy, even if you have snow…it will take a lot less time to get ready!  :-) Catch me after the jump to read more about how to have a fun cotton ball snowball fight. 


  • cotton balls
  • a blanket or something to divide the room

A couple years ago Tina, who wrote the Power of Play segment, wrote a post on having a cotton ball war.  We followed the rules that she outlined and the girls had a great time!  I then stepped in and it was girls against mom and we had a riot!

cotton ball snowball fight 2

There is something about getting mom or dad that adds a whole other element of play.  It is so fun!  If you are going to have kids at your Christmas party, this would be a fun activity with very little preparation!

I hope that you are all close to being ready for Christmas, December has just flown by for me!  Since I won’t be posting again until after Christmas, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!  Check back next Wednesday as I will have some free printable Christmas thank you cards for the kids and some ideas for activities and crafts for your new year celebration!


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