Diy “Be The Sun” Artwork

by Destri on February 14, 2013

Be The Sun Artwork Tutorial

This is one of those diy projects that has been on my to-do list for ages. I have quite a few ideas (think triple digits – I’m crazy :)) that I keep in a little gold book for “one day” inspiration. But then I find I hardly ever draw on that list because I usually think of something I can’t wait to try that never makes the list. However, this project is one that I didn’t write down and forget.

So I decided I best give it a go, and thought that the Micheals Craft It Forward Event was the perfect excuse.  The idea is to participate in the Random Acts Of Kindness Week by using your creative talents to gift a special something to someone.  I have always had someone in mind with this project, so it was perfect.  You can read my challenge and thoughts on this event here, and then catch me after the jump for the tutorial!

“Be The Sun” Artwork Tutorial

You can use this idea to make just about any kind of artwork – I love the idea of using the canvas as the backdrop for embroidery. I can’t wait to try another project with it! Today, I will show you the step by steps of how I made this one, and that will give you everything you need to know to make your own original piece of artwork.


  • 12 x 12 blank art canvas
  • heat-n-bond for applique
  • spray adhesive
  • embroidery needle & floss
  • fabric – gray and then assorted yellow and extra scrap white
  • water soluble marker or pencil


Be The Sun Step 1

I used some scrap vintage fabric I had on hand, it just looked sunny to me :). I cut it into different size strips with a point, and then ones circle. Then lay all the pieces right side up on a piece of the heat-n-bond. Lay some scrap fabric over the top, and press with hot iron per package instructions.

Tear off the pieces, and layer by layer iron the pieces to the scrap fabric. I did a mock up on the canvas to make an image in my mind of how I wanted it too look first. You can see how I made it so the pieces will go across the corner of the canvas. The last piece you will iron will be the circle.

Be The sun step 2

Cut around the applique and you will have one piece. Spray the adhesive on the back and press onto the grey fabric positioned so that when you put in on the canvas you can stretch it over the corner. I just made sure I had three inches on both sides.

Be The Sun Step 3

Now take and spray the adhesive onto the canvas – not too thick you don’t want it to soak through the fabric. Make sure to spray it on the sides.

Be The Sun Step 4

Then working quickly, smooth the grey fabric into place on the canvas, and press down over the sides.  My fabric looks wrinkled, but it is actually the fabric wash that make it look that way – just so you don’t think you need wrinkled fabric :).

Turn it over, spray adhesive on the back and fold the fabric over the edges making nice corners and cutting the fabric where needed.

Be the Sun Step 5

Print out the sun template – if you want to make your own in a word document, just make sure it is mirror image like shown above. Then cut out a same size piece of the heat-n-bond, and iron the word to the heat -n- bond.

To print, just click on the image, right click, then save and print on landscape with no scaling.

Sun print 2

Be The Sun Step 6

Peel off the backing and iron the letters to the wrong side of the fabric.

Be The sun Step 7

Then just cut out your letters.

Be The Sun step 8

Spray the back of the letters with spray adhesive (I just put them on paper to catch over spray) and place where you want on the canvas.

Then take a water soluble pen and write your phrase on the canvas.  Make sure to do this very lightly.

Be The Sun Stitching

Then with a needle and floss, follow your writing with a running stitch to trace them out, then go back with the same running stitch to fill in the gaps.  Don’t worry about any imperfections, it just gives it character :).

Diy Be The Sun Artwork

I wish the pictures did the piece better justice. The colors against the gray really pop, and the fabric with the slight color variance looks really good.  It’s the perfect sentiment for a friend, but I think I need to make myself one too – I kinda like it!

Be The Sun

I love the message behind the phrase too – you can find a little sunshine in every day, sometimes it just need to come from inside.  Now all I have to do is mail it with a few goodies for a little random act of kindness.


So how about you? Have you found a way to Craft It Forward yet? There is still time, just make a little something, drop it off or pop it in the mail. Then make sure to share your project using the #RAOKDIY hash tag on your media platforms so we can all see!  You can find Micheals Random Acts Of Kindness Pinterest board here for all sorts of ideas.

Don’t forget, Micheals is crafting it forward in their own way on February 17th by giving away over $100,000 in giftcards through out the US and Canada – so if you pick a day to shop, that should be it…just sayin’ :).

I have some $5 giftcards to giveaway too! Just leave me a comment by February 17th telling me a random act of kindness you have been given recently and I will pick 5 by random.  Make sure to leave your email in the field given.

Hope you are having a “sunny” day!


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