Diy Firework Shirts

by Destri on June 25, 2012

Diy Firework Shirts

I found this idea for diy firework shirts through my sister who made them with her kids last year for the Fourth of July – aren’t they cute?  I love that they only take a few supplies, so whatever your plans for the holiday you will have a fun craft for the kids. I think they are a great idea to keep them busy during the day so that night they have something festive to wear to the fireworks show.  Catch me after the jump for all the details!

Firework Shirts

You can also find a video for how to make these over on Disney Family.


  • shirts – I had white, but I think blue and red would look great too
  • fabric paint – I had red, blue, silver and gold glitter
  • pipe cleaners
  • paper
  • large paper plates


Start with three or four pipe cleaners.

Fold them in half – they don’t have to be even and actually look better if they aren’t.

Now twist in the center to join and make a handle.

Now spread out the pipe cleaners to looks like shown.  You will want one pipe cleaner stamp for each color you are using.

Now squirt the paint in the plates – we had small ones and I wished we would have had bigger ones.

Now place a piece of paper in between the shirts so that the paint doesn’t bleed through to the back.


Press the pipe cleaner stamp onto the plate and get a good amount of paint on it.  I took and pressed the pipe cleaners down a bit so when they pressed them onto the shirts they would meet the fabric.  Press on the shirts where you want the fireworks to be.

Then pick up the stamp and rotate a little and stamp again. Then just repeat with the rest of the cleaners.

After you have all the paint on you want just let them dry with the paper still inside.

Pipe Cleaner Firework Shirt

All that’s left to do now is put them on and show them off. Hands on hips – this is his current favorite post.

Firework Shirt Craft

Now I feel all sorts of prepared!  We are going to be camping and there is a great little firework show in Gunnison Colorado we are going to try and make it to.  They might be dirty – but they will have firework shirts to wear by golly.

Well, I am off to pack my last bit of things up then we’re hitting the road.  We’ll be in Utah for a bit and I am thinking about having a sewing night  – anyone game?

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