Diy Lavender Dryer Bags

by Destri on May 21, 2012

Diy Lavender Dryer Bags

Hello friends, happy Monday!  I have a great diy to start your week off right.  Years ago I bought a pack of Lavender Dryer Bags at a health food store and I loved them.  I tossed them in the dryer with my bedding and I swear it was like waking up in the south of France.  Okay, I’ve not been to the south of France, but in my dreams that is totally what it smells like.  My love affair continued until the little tea bags started breaking open in my dyer, which made quite the mess.

So like any good diy enthusiast, I decided to make my own sturdy version of heaven in a dryer that we call a lavender dyer bag.  It worked, and boy was it easy – like your two year old can make them easy.  Throw them in a jar with some pretty trimming, and you have the perfect last minute gift too.

Catch me after the jump and I will fill you in with how to make and use them!

How To Make Your Own Lavender Dryer Bags

Lavender Dryer Bag Supplies


  • dried Lavender buds – can buy at health food store or here’s some on Amazon
  • reusable cotton bags – I found mine by the tea in my health food store or here are some on Amazon
  • lavender oil (optional)

Lavender Bags Filled

Just take the little bags and fill them with about a 1/4 t0 1/2 cup of lavender buds, then cinch and tie a good tight knot.

If you want you can add a few drops of Lavender essential oil, but it is not necessary.

Lavender In Jar

Then store them in an air tight container.

For a gift, just put a few in a mason jar and wrap with some fabric, lace, or both and secure with fabric glue. Then top it off with some string and a little tag with the instructions.

How To Use Lavender Dryer Bags

  • throw in the dryer with clothes
  • good for up to 10 cycles
  • roll in palm of hand in between cycles to release aroma

After you have used up the lavender in the dryer, just sprinkle on the floor and then vacuum them up for a great aroma.  Then just refill the bags with lavender for more use.

Hope you have a chance to make these, they really do make your wash smell lovely.

Thanks for reading and have a great Monday!


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