Diy Puppet Theater

by Destri on August 20, 2012

Today I have a really simple diy Puppet Theater, as in all you have to do is cut a hole in it and you’re set.  You can get all sorts of crazy ambitious (I know you’re dying to use your glue gun after you saw the last quick tip) and dress it up if you like, or let the kids have at it with a brush and a little paint.  Either way your kids will think you’re a rock star and you are guaranteed some quality finally get something done time.  Catch me after the jump for the full tutorial!

Simple Diy Tri-Fold Puppet Theater

Diy Puppet Theater

I saw this idea for using plain artist canvases in a tri-fold for a puppet theater and loved it, then I went to the store to get the canvases and saw the tri-fold foam board for about 1/10 of the price and decided they would be perfect, plus I’d have a little cash leftover for a latte, and lunch, and possibly a purse – yep the foam board won hands down :).  Plus it made the entire project much easier!


  • Tri-fold foam board (craft stores or grocery stores carry them)
  • pen and straight edge
  • sharp knife or exacto knife
  • paint and trim to decorate if you’d like


Decide on where you want the opening and using the pen and straight edge draw a rectangle marking where to cut.

Then just cut out the rectangle with the knife.  You could stop here and be good to go – but we’re striving for great, right?

I let my boy handle the artistic painting side of the project and to say he took his job seriously would be a gross understatement.  I have three hand lettering artists in the family…could be working on a third :).

It was supposed to say “Hank and Eleni’s Playhouse” but he liked it the way it was, thank you very much, thought he did let me add the playhouse.  Then he painted little swirls and such.  I know what you’re thinking – paint and carpet?  I tell ya, the kid was focused, and I didn’t wander too far.

Diy Tri-Fold Puppet Theater

Then I took a little ric rac trim and glued it to the outside edge of the opening and that’s it!  Really it took a total of 30-45 minutes to make, and it kept them busy for a good part of the day.  I was going to add a curtain but decided it would be taken off anyways so just left it off.

I made them take it outside and later I found them like this, just chillin.

I bought the finger puppets at Ikea and they are super cute with all sorts of characters.  I think we might need to start a sock puppet collection too.

So there you have it!  A super easy and really inexpensive way to get your kids imaginations rolling.

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