Diy Sea Shell Frame

by Destri on July 16, 2012

Hello friends!  How did your weekend go?  My family spent a lot of time in the rain – which given the dry conditions we’ve had was a welcome treat.  I’ll just be cleaning up mud for a week!  We also spent a lot of time packing as we have made it to the second stretch of our move.  See, we get to move twice in row – ask me how fun that is :).

While cleaning out a few boxes, I ran across some sea shells we gathered on a trip to the beach a couple years back.  I love digging through stuff and bringing up old memories. We were staying in a house on Huntington Beach with my sister’s family.  Every morning my kids were up at 6am because they were on central time and I would have to sneak them outside to the beach before they woke up the whole house.

We would walk over to a little coffee shop and get mamma her morning fix and the kids a doughnut, then wander the beach for at least an hour.  We gathered tons of sea shells. There was just something about sharing those quiet mornings on the beach with my littles that was so special.  Probably my favorite time from the trip.  So I just can’t throw the shells away, now can I?

I was trying to think of the perfect way to display them, and then I remembered this idea Suzanne had for making a frame with them – perfect!  Decorate a frame using the shells, add a picture from the beach trip that you gathered them.  Then you can make a new one for every trip.  Even better, the kids can help.  Well, depending on how you look at that :).  Catch me after the jump for the tutorial!

Diy Sea Shell Frame Tutorial

Diy Sea Shell Frame


  • wood picture frame $1.00 at Micheal’s or similar craft store
  • white craft paint & brush or whatever color you like
  • glue gun
  • sea shells


Sea Shell Frame Steps

  1. First paint the frame and let dry
  2. Then a second coat of paint
  3. Arrange shells on the frame until they look good
  4. Glue in place and let dry

Now add your favorite picture and that’s it.  Super easy right?  And perfect for using those shells you just can’t let go of.

How about you, any fun ideas for sea shells you gathered at the beach?  I have a bunch left over and I would love some tips!

I hope you have a great start to your week.  We’ll only be here in Utah for another week or so and I find myself wishing we had a bit more time.  I am already dreading the Kindergarten school year.   Ack!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon,


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