DIY Shelf Upcylce ~ Chunky Shelves

by Destri on February 7, 2011

Chunky Shelves

Have you seen these shelves yet?  You probably have, but I just came across them. I first saw them on the lovely House Of Smith’s and loved them.  I have been eying a pair from Pottery Barn that run about $79.00 a pop, and so when I read that she made hers…wahoo!  Until I read that she used power tools.  My power tools are all in Utah, and my husband wouldn’t let me buy a new saw, that’s a bummer.  Then one night we were at Home Depot, and I walked past this little guy…

Miter Box

and casually asked my husband if it would work for those awesome shelves I was dying to make.  He reluctantly told me yes.  Sweet!  I think we paid less than $8.00 dollars and it came with a saw!   I picked up some inexpensive molding scraps they had at the cutting station for less than $5.00.

Raw Wood Shelves

I had seen these shelves at Hobby Lobby a while back, and knew they would be perfect and make the whole task easier.  I stalked them until they went on half off, which in case you didn’t know, everything does at some point at Hobby Lobby.  I picked up both for less than $12.00.

So then I went home and took out my little miter box, screwed it to a bench in the garage, measured twice, cut once, and nailed the molding to the front and sides of the shelves (with a little wood glue) with my little gold hammer and finishing nails.  A little wood filler and sanding, spray primer and paint and I had myself a pair of chunky shelves!  Seriously, so easy!  No power tools and I did it all without my husband’s help :). All for about $35.00, not including the spray paint, I already had that.

Shelf Display

I love ‘em!  For a full tutorial, head over to the House Of Smith’s, she has step by step instructions with photos.

X & O Decor

For the Valentine’s Day decor, I bought some letters and painted them red, and mod podged vintage music paper to the & sign.  The song was “Keep an eye on the girlie you love” and said it was good for the one step or two step, just in case you were wondering ;).  I had taken the idea for the pom pom buds from Country Living Magazine.  Just make some yarn pom poms and glue them to twigs and place in a vase, easy peasy.

I will be back later today with the launch of my new pet project, and it will require you input, so stop back by if you have a chance!

Also, thank you for all your sweet comments and emails on my last post.  Just the encouragement I was needing :).  Seriously, you made my day.  Thank you.

See you soon ~ Destri

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