Diy Vintage Door Plates For Wall Hooks

by Destri on July 30, 2012

Diy Door Plate Wall Hook

Happy Monday!  We finally found a house here in Dallas (long, long story) and it turns out I’m going to be living in a mid-century modern.  Think Mad Men meets The Brady Bunch – kind of.  Never thought I would like the look, but I have to say it’s growing on me.  I’ll have to post some pictures, because I’m going to need some help.  Decorating for this style totally intimidates me!  I found a few fun retro design blogs that have me wishing I was buying the home – I think renovating for this era would be awesome.  But alas, we’re renting so I’m going to have to settle with cosmetic changes.  I might have to change my wardrobe too :).

Anyhoo, whenever I move into a new house the first thing I do as far as decorating is make a place to hang my purse.  Ever since I watched this documentary on how dirty the bottom of our purses are (really really gross!), I haven’t been able to put mine on a table.

Diy Door Plate For A Wall Hook

One of my most favorite diy projects was this wall hook I made from vintage door plates.  It was one of those posts I thought everyone would love because I was so excited about it – but really no one saw my vision.  So let me help you see the possibilities here.  You could paint them in different fun colors and hang five or six across a wall in a kid’s room, or in an entry instead of that predictable shelf with hooks, or even in a bathroom painted white to hang all your towels on, in the kitchen to hang an apron…are you with me yet?  Great, catch me after the jump for the how-to!

How To Make A Wall Hook From A Door Plate


  • E-6000 glue
  • door plates – you can pick these up at vintage and antique stores
  • old drawer pulls – again scour the antique shops.  You could use door knobs too
  • screws to hang them with

Take the glue and run a thin line right on the drawer pull where it will make contact with the door plate.

Now press it and hold to the door plate for a minute or two, then let set for a few hours before you try to use it.

Then just hang it by putting screws through the holes already on the door plate. How is that for easy?  Perfect project for the less than crafty.

I think these would make great unique gifts too.

So anyone love mid-century modern design?  Any tips for me?  I am headed out to do some shopping for furniture today and I find myself at a complete loss! Help!

Hope everyone stays cool, it’s supposed to be 107 here today – can we say melting?




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