Do-It-Yourself Alphabet Stencils

by Destri on January 4, 2010

Have you tried to find stencils for the alphabet lately?  I have….and I didn’t have much luck.  I am currently working on a little project that required me to cut out little tiny letters. I looked everywhere; I found a generic set at a craft store that didn’t have the style I was looking for and then I found a set at Wal-mart that were too big.

I have seen where people have blown up letters from free font sites and printed those out to use as a stencil, but I don’t have a printer right now.  And no, Santa didn’t bring me a Cricut for Christmas, so I had to get creative.

Now I know this isn’t rocket science, and I am sure if I googled it I am not the first one to have thought of it.  But it was nothing short of an epiphany for me in that  moment, so we’re going make as if this was a breakthrough in the crafting world.  Sound good?

DIY Stencils for the Alphabet


  • Magazine(s)
  • Exacto knife

If you need it heavy duty:

  • Card stock (I used last years calendar)
  • Craft spray adhesive

Flip through your magazine and find the font style you are looking for.  Keep in mind that a magazine will generally use the same font throughout for it’s headlines.  I used the latest Country Living Magazine, and it was perfect.  Every headline was pretty much the same size, I literally could have had the whole alphabet if needed.  They also had quite a few drop caps that were bigger that will come in handy.

Tear out the page(s) and if you are needing a stiffer stencil take and attach to a heavy piece of paper using spray adhesive.  Now just place over a surface you can cut on and carefully cut out the letter.  That’s it!  You could even cut out shapes, and designs, and…well you get the idea.

I would have put up some pictures of the project, but it’s kind of a surprise, so you will just have to check back to see that one!

So now is when you indulge me and tell me you think I am the craftiest gal you have met today.

That would totally make my day.

Speaking of making my day….

We’ve been blabbed about.  In a good way too.  The cute girls over at Blabbing about Blogs are featuring The Mother Huddle today!  How fun is that?!  Thanks ladies!!

This project was linked to the Diy day on A Soft Place To Land,  and Today’s Creative Blog Get You Craft On event, go see all the fun stuff!

p.s.  We have received all of your fun submissions and as soon as they fit the content we will be putting you in the spotlight!

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