Easy Diy Bracelets For Kids

by Destri on June 30, 2010

My little girl loves bracelets, any time I have one on she throws a fit till she does too.  I had this idea of using the same nylons used for baby headbands for bracelets, that way I could embellish them with anything I want.  I could tie fabric scraps around them to match an outfit I made, slide on some beads, sew on some flowers, anything! The best part is it just slides over her hand without trying to get a clasp done up.

For older girls I think it would be a lot of fun for them to just decorate them how they please.  If you give them a dull needle it would be a perfect project for learning to sew with needle and thread, as the needle slides through the nylon easily.  If they are too young for that, just make up the bracelet and let them practice tying bows!

I wanted a fun way for my little girl show some red, white, and blue for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, and thought this idea would be perfect for it since I already had everything for it.


  • toddler nylons, or an old nylon baby headband
  • needle and thread
  • ribbon, beads, flowers

I used one of my daughters old nylon headbands and just stretched it around her wrist to what felt like a comfortable yet snug fit, then cut it.  I left it flat, overlapping the edges a bit and just used a needle and thread to sew up the ends.  If you are using beads you will want to slide them on before you stitch up the ends.

You could also cut the nylons to be in thinner strips, but I did leave it with the full tube.  If I were using beads, I think I would cut in half first.

Next I just tied some ribbon on.  I tied the thinner ribbon into bows, and just tied a double knot for the thicker ribbon.

Then I took the needle and thread and secured the bows to the bracelet by just stitching it straight through the center knot a couple times.  That way she can’t untie them!

All done!  It worked great!  No clasps to fumble with, no screaming baby while I try…just cute!

I can’t wait to make a few more, I pulled out my button bag and I think I will make one with those for her.  Also my neighbor had a great point that they would work great for hair ties, so I need to try that.

Before I let you go I wanted to say Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends!!! Kate is en-route moving to Canada right now after just spending three years in the US.  I was lucky enough to have her stop through and stay with me a couple days, it was great to have her and the boys.  Are any of you in the Vancouver Island area?  She will be there for a bit and then moving somewhere else in Canada, I can’t recall at the moment….dang it.  Anyhoo, are you in Canada?

ps you still have time to make a red and white bracelet for the celebrations!

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