Easy Diy Fabric Wall Decals

by Aubrey on August 29, 2011

Have you tried making fabric wall decals?  So so fun, super easy, and way cheaper than the kind you buy. I wanted to have an accent wall to pull my girls room together and a friend of mine shared a great tip for removable fabric wall decals – applique pellon. Two weeks ago I made these cute headboards for my girls room, and for a little whimsy made some crepe paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling.  I decided to do polka dots on one wall to continue with my polka dots theme.  I didn’t realized how much I like polka dots!  (There in my toy room too!)  :-) So if you are looking for a fun way to add a little drama to a room, catch me after the jump for all the details!

How To Make Fabric Wall Decals


  • Pellon used for applique or Heat n Bond will work too
  • steamer or hot iron
  • fabric of choice
  • scissors


Start with a design in mind.  I wanted dots, so that was pretty easy.  I just picked out the colors I wanted and traced out two different size bowls for my template.  If you have a specific theme in mind you could print off a graphic, clip art, or even letters you have blown up on word for your template.

Once you have an idea of what kind of wall decal you will be making, cut out a piece of pellon to fit the size and iron it onto the fabric per the packaging instructions.

Next trace your design onto your pellon and cut out.  Now just pull the backing off and your ready to stick them to the wall.

Take the decal and put it on the wall, place a dry washcloth on top of it and use a steamer to steam it to the wall.  An iron would work as well, but the steamer works a lot quicker, if you have one.  That’s it!

My friend said that they came off her wall easily and left no mess behind, and I had one that came off easily.  I would think that different paint finishes (like flat paint vs. eggshell) would determine how easy they come off.  So if your worried, I would just do a test patch.

These turned out so cute and were super easy!  Really the options are endless.  If you get a chance to make some, let me know, I would love to see how yours turn out!

I’m down to two weeks before baby number three is due…wish me luck!


ps ~ we hung the pom poms with fishing line, so the girls think they’re magic!

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