Fall Pumpkin Planter

by Destri on September 27, 2010

I saw this idea for a pumpkin planter in a magazine years ago and then when I moved to the south it seemed everyone had some flowers planted in a pumpkin on their porch.  Such a great idea, and super easy.  It took me about thirty minutes with a little “help” from my 22 month old.  To bad I had to move, but they look pretty cute on my sisters front porch.  I will have to make a new one, and since I will be in the south again I should have a few more options for planting.  Here is how to do it:

How To Make A Pumpkin Planter


  • flowers that will hold up to the fall temperatures in your area (if you are unsure ask a local nursery)
  • pumpkin large enough for the flowers
  • knife for carving
  • soil for planters

Cut a hole around the stem of the pumpkin large enough for the flowers to easily be put inside.  Clean out the pumpkin, and save the seeds, cause they’re yummy.  Next, I used wooden skewers to punch a few holes into the bottom of the pumpkin.  You could also cut a small hole into the bottom with a knife.  Put a little soil into the bottom of the pumpkin and then carefully put the flowers in.  Water and make sure it is draining well.  All done!

I have no idea how long the planter would last, but I am sure it would last longer if not placed in direct sunlight.

I think it would look great on a garden urn with some other cold hardy plants too, or hanging with wire, or even make a great center piece for Thanksgiving don’t you think?  Maybe a monogram on the pumpkin?  Lots and lots of possibilities!

With the move I feel a little left out on the Halloween front, but I think I will still have plenty of time to do a little decorating.  My neighborhood is awesome at Halloween so I can’t wait!  I will have to share a few of my last minute quick and easy ideas.  Do you have any for me?  Links welcome!

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