Felt Rose Tutorial

by Destri on January 28, 2013

Felt Rose Heart Tutorial

Have I ever publicly declared my love for felt? I love the stuff.  It’s about the easiest craft medium there is, and you can create almost anything with it. Take these felt roses for instance.  I was with a friend at a decor store the other day and she came across a frame that was covered in felt roses, she had to have it.  Before she had a chance to put it in her basket, I was dragging her next door to Micheal’s for some felt.

“We can’t make that…” she declares – I don’t know if it was the challenge, or the fact that I had a crafting virgin on my hands I was most excited about.

By the time I was done with her, she vowed to by a hot glue gun.  I heard over and over “I can’t believe how easy this is!” or “this is so much fun!”.  There is just something about creating with your own two hands that’s magic.  That is if it turns out :).

Catch me after the jump and I will show you how super simple these felt roses are to make. Then you can stick ‘em where ever you want!

How To Make Felt Roses

Before we get started, let’s discuss where you could put the roses.  I glued mine to a piece of paper cut in a heart for a little accent piece.  My friend glued her’s to a frame.  I wish I had a picture, but it was late when we finished, and she has the flu running through her house.  As much as I love you, I’m not about to head over :).  Really, they would look great anywhere.  A few little ones on the bottom of a twig wreath – or a whole mess of them covering a heart foam base…anywhere!

Felt Rose Step 1


  • felt – I bought the inexpensive 4 sheets for $1 at Micheal’s (for my heart I needed 6 sheets)
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • something to glue them to

Start by cutting circles from the felt. It goes much quicker than you think it does, and I double up on the felt as a cut.  For the hear I made 1 1/2 inch circles, and I wouldn’t suggest going much smaller than that.  I think bigger would be great for a wreath. Cut a couple and play with the size in relation to what your going to put them on.

Felt Rose step 2

Now for the easy part. Just take two circles, overlap like shown in the picture.

Felt Rose Step 3

Then fold them up like shown.  Hold the center with your thumb and index finger.

Felt Rose Step 5

Fold one side over, tucking the corner under your thumb.

Felt Rose Step 6

Then fold the other side over the top of the first.

Felt Rose Step 8

And there you have it! A rose. You could easily make more “petals” just add more circles.

Felt Rose Step 9

Now take a little hot glue and string across the back of the rose.

Felt Rose Step 10

Then holding on to the top, stick them on. You have a second or to to work them if you need.

Felt Rose Heart DIY

Then just keep going until you have the desired look.  There were a couple of my flowers that I didn’t get as tight as I wanted, so I just folded one circle in half, rolled it and stuck it inside.  Worked like a charm.

Easy right? When we were finished my friend said she never understood why people make things they can buy – but now she gets it.  I told her it’s the same reason some make their bread, even though they can simply buy it.

Do you like the print in the frame? Click here for the Free Printable Valentine’s Day Art

Free Love Printable

There is this one too!

Thanks so much for reading friends, I hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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