Felt Snowman :: A Fun Winter Boredom Buster!

by Aubrey on January 9, 2013

Felt Snowman

One thing that I miss (sometimes) about living in Texas is being able to play in the snow.  Building a snowman is exciting and fun for every child.  We were visiting family in October and were lucky enough to have it snow enough to build two snowmen on two different days.  It was so fun for our Texan girls!  When I was putting away all of our Christmas decor, including our felt Christmas tree, I decided that a felt snowman would have to be the next project.  The best part about building this snowman is that it won’t take you 30 minutes to get your kiddos dressed warm before they make it and then 30 minutes to undress them when they are done.  :-)  Your initial time investment of about one hour to cut everything out will definitely be worth it!  Catch me after the jump for all the details…

How to Build a Felt Snowman


  • felt in whatever colors you want
  • fabric scissors
  • velcro (optional)
  • straight pins (optional)

I’m going to tell you how we made our snowman, but this could of course be easily modified to make a smaller one that doesn’t need to be pinned up on the wall.  (You probably already knew that.)  :-)

I decided that I wanted to make about a four foot snowman, so I got two yards of the blue felt and one and a half yards of white felt.  I began by pinning the blue felt up on the wall to make our blue sky and background.

pinning the felt

You might think I’m crazy to be pinning it up, but it actually works great!  If you push the pin into the wall at about a 45 degree angle, as long as you are not on a stud, it goes in really easy.  The best part is that when you are done and  you pull the pin out, you can barely see where the hole was.  We’ve actually started using pins rather than nails to hang things up on our walls.  It’s great!

We then traced and cut out our snowman.  We used a 12 inch gamma lid to trace the head.

tracing head of snowman

To make the other two circles we measured four inches bigger, so 16 inches, for the middle circle.  Then  eight inches bigger, so 20 inches, for the bottom circle.  My 6 1/2 year old was a great helper in measuring and tracing.

measuring the circles

The girls were excited to get the snowman up.

beginning of felt snowman

One thing we discovered after putting the snowman up was that the circles were too heavy and kept falling.  :(  Luckily I had some velcro with a sticky back to stick onto the felt.  We put four little pieces of velcro around the outside of each circle and they stay up much better!


We then cut all the pieces that we needed to make our snowman look great!  :-)

snowman pieces

Here are a few of the snowmen we have made so far.

Ms. Snowman

Mr. Snowman

Mrs. Snowman

I’m thinking we’ll leave the velcro and scissors handy so that when friends come over they can decide how they want to make their snowman.  The possibilities with this snowman are endless!  :-)

Happy snowman building!




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