Finger Painting with Pudding

by Aubrey on February 19, 2014

finger painting with pudding

I watch two of my friends kids once a week, so I try to do a fun activity with them and my girls.  A couple weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to paint.  Simple and easy enough for me me to pull off with four kids right?  Well since my baby is now 2 1/2 year old I forgot to think about what the 18 month old little girl would do with the paint once I put it in front of her…

eating the finger paint

Yep!  Right in the mouth!  Oops!!  Luckily this picture is of her eating the pudding finger paint, not the other paint.  I mentioned it to one of my other friends and she said she makes pudding and colors it different colors for finger painting…genius!  I knew I had to share this idea with you all!

Some of you may already be ahead of the game, but if you’re like me and haven’t thought about it, the kids sure had a lot of fun painting and eating.  We have painted chocolate mud on pigs before, but I hadn’t colored vanilla until now.  Catch me after the jump for the the details.  

Finger Painting with Pudding


  • vanilla pudding (make sure it is the instant and not the cook kind)
  • milk
  • food coloring
  • bowls
  • paper plates
  • disposable table cloth (optional)


I made up the pudding per the directions on the box and then divided the pudding up into four bowls.  Then I put a drop of food coloring in each bowl and mixed it well.

I gave each of the kids a paper plate with a spoonful of each color.  Then I gave them another paper plate they could paint.  I also told them they could just paint on the disposable tablecloth as well.  Next time I’m at the dollar store I think I will buy a white one, pink was a little hard for them to see the colors.  The disposable tablecloth was great because I was able to just throw it away for a quick clean up!  finger painting

The kids had a great time painting and eating the pudding!  I hope your kiddos enjoy it as well!


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