Free Christmas Printables :: Memory Game, Story Telling Game, and More

by Aubrey on December 12, 2012

free Christmas printable games

I’m excited to share these free Christmas printable games with you today!  These cards can be used to play  Memory, Go Fish, Old Maid, Story Telling, and more I might not know about.
I also have these free Christmas Printables you can check out:

Printing Free Christmas Printables and Game Instructions

Christmas memory game


  • Christmas card stock paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • contact paper or laminator (optional)
Here are the Christmas card printables I created.  To print the images, just right click on them and save to your computer.  Then open them and print.  You will need to print two copies of each for all of the games except the story telling game.  Cut them out and your ready to play!  If you’re wanting them to last I would suggest laminating them.  For instructions on how to play the games, see below.
Christmas game printable 1
Christmas game printable 2

Memory:  This classic game is fun for any age.  I’m sure you know how to play this game, but just in case…you can find the rules here.

Go Fish:  This is another classic that I loved to play when I was little.  You can find the rules and instructions here.

Old Maid:  My girls love this game!  There isn’t an Old Maid at Christmas, but I was thinking you could call in Jolly Santa or Tricky Elf and have either the elf or santa be the “old maid.”  To do this you would need to take out the match of whichever person you choose so their is only one.  For complete instructions, go here.

Story Telling:  This game is become one of my favorites to play with my girls.  We have the actual game Tell Me a Story that we love.  For this game you take one of each card and put them in a pile.  You take one card at a time and build a story.  Today my three year old and I started….”Once upon a time there was an elf (card) named Sleeping Beauty.  She had always dreamed about riding in Santa’s sleigh (card).  She built a snowman (card) and asked him how she could get a ride on Santa’s sleigh.  He said that she needed to decorate a Christmas tree (card)…..”  and the story continues.  It is so fun to see their imagination at work!  A new story is created each time you play depending on the order of the cards in the pile.

Christmas story telling game

I love that I was able to catch this picture of her while she was telling her story!

I hope that you enjoy these cards and some extra time spent playing games with your special ones!  To find these and more adorable clip art images check out Jazzy Patterns on Etsy.  Love them!


Oh wait!  I just found these free cute Christmas Song Cards at Over the Big Moon, and the Reindeer Noses free printable, so cute!!

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