Free Printable:: 2013 Questionnaire for Kids (it’s not too late!)

by Aubrey on January 8, 2014

Questionnaire for Kids

Happy New Year to you all!  It’s crazy that we are already into the second week of January!  I wanted to share this last week, but with company in town last week and trying to get all the Christmas decorations down over the weekend, there wasn’t much time for anything else .

I thought maybe it was too late to share, but I decided it wasn’t.  :-)  I’m so glad that we did it, my girls had so much fun doing it together Monday night for a family activity.

filling out the questionnaireIt was so fun to see what they each had to say and their responses.  It will definitely be a gem to have at the end of the year and to see what has changed or is still the same.  Catch me after the jump for the free printable for a girl or boy.

2013 Questionnaire

To print just click on the images below, this will open them in another window.  Right click and save to your computer.  Then print on portrait setting with no scaling.

2013 questionnaire girl

2013 Questionnaire


2013 questionnaire boy

2013 Questionnaire

We also traced their handprint and let them decorate it how they wanted to so they will be able to see how much they’ve grown in 2014.


Then I put all the sheets in an envelope to keep on the bookshelf to be opened up at the end of year.


After finishing our questionnaires and handprints, we also pulled out the 2014 calendar to write down the things we wanted to do this year.  Davina posted last Friday about finding ways to make the year more magical.  We came up with some fun things that we are all looking forward to.  Donuts with dad on the 5th Saturdays, equalling to be four times throughout the year.  Yogurt with mom, we just marked four times throughout the year that we’d go.  We also planned out dates with the kids.  They were each scheduled a date with mom or dad (alternating every month) on a certain week so it could be planned at the beginning of the week.  We are wanting to make 2014 a great year!


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