Halloween Traditions

by Destri on October 26, 2011

Anyone who has been reading TMH for long knows I have a thing for traditions.  I think they create the best memories and give our children roots.  Last year I wrote a post on Halloween Traditions I wanted to start with my family in hopes of making the celebration about more than a night of candy, filled with fun memories.  A year later I am happy to report it worked.  That week stands out in my mind more than any other from last year, even more so than the Holidays.  Looking back, I think I can give the credit to keeping it simple.  It was all fun and no stress.  I need to learn from that and carry on through the Holidays this year.

We are getting started a little late this year as we have been out about the last week, so I think I will pick some of our most favorites from last year and combine a few activities to one night.  Here we go:

Fun Ideas For Family Fun Leading Up To Halloween

  • Wednesday - Read “spooky” stories by candlelight.  This was a hit last year!  I took the idea from Design Mom and found a few of the books she had listed, and a few more fun ones at the library.  A reader had a great idea last year to add hot apple cider to this night so I’ve added it to my list.
  • Thursday – Tonight It’s A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on ABC.  Pop some popcorn, get a few snacks and pile the blankets and pillows on the floor and enjoy the old Peanuts classic. You can find information for the ABC Family 13 nights of Halloween here.
  • Friday - Hit the pumpkin patch and like last year, enjoy all the festivities.  We usually avoid the bounce houses, corn mazes and such, but last year we gave in and let the kids do it all.  They had a blast.  We found a new place to go to this year that has more traditional activities, so I am even more excited for this night.
  • Saturday – Carve the pumpkins and light them up.  This is my husband’s favorite part, and I happily let him deal with the mess.  Take one of the pumpkins and make dinner in a pumpkin. After dinner take a spooky walk around the neighborhood with flashlights to check out all the Halloween decor.  This was probably my kids most favorite activity!
  • Sunday – We have a little party at our church that we will hit, and then take treats around to our neighbors.
  • Monday – Halloween!  You know the drill – costumes, candy, and belly aches. I had my kids help me fill up bags with sand that we put around the house to light at night, they thought that was pretty cool.

It gets me excited just typing it up!

Now it’s your turn, I am always on the lookout for new ideas. I would especially love to hear any with older kids!

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