Halloween Week 2012

by Destri on October 26, 2012

Halloween Traditions

Okay friends, time for the annual Halloween week festivities list!  If you’re new here, every year I post our plans for Halloween week including ideas and activities to lead up to the big day.  The idea is to make the Holiday about more than just a night of candy, and a reason to get together as a family and start some traditions.  It has become one of the funnest weeks in our year.  Each year as the kids grow it changes a bit, and this year we have a couple things I am super excited about.

Don’t talk yourself into thinking it’s too late to make plans for this year – I booked some of our tickets just last night.  Just sit down with a pen and paper, right down the days and make a fun little schedule for your family.  Keep it simple and have fun with it. You won’t regret it!

Here goes:

A Week of Family Fun Ideas For Halloween

  • Friday – We’re going to get our pumpkins at the local patch and do our carving tonight – it’s getting cold here, so I envision some hot cocoa and the hay ride that costs an arm and a leg :).  After that, we’ll come home, light up a fire and I’ll sit back with a glass of my favorite and let my hubby handle the dirty job of gutting the pumpkins with the kids.
  • Saturday – I have rented a couple Halloween shows from Blockbuster (we still have them!) and we’ll pile on the floor with blankets, pillows, and a big bowl of the best ever Soft Caramel Popcorn, treats, and soda. This is the only time of the year we really do this, so my kids really look forward to it.
  • Sunday – We’re going to see the Symphony!  We did this last year with our little town’s orchestra and my kids LOVED it. They were only 3 and 4, but they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now that we are in Dallas, we’re going to the DSO Haunted Orchestra and evidently it’s quite the production.  Look online for events in your area for Halloween with the arts – odds are you’ll find something!
  • Monday – We are signed up for a Mansion Tour in a nearby town.  It’s a little spooky but they say not too much…we’ll see. It’s supposed to be more about the home, and then they have a corn maze in the back.  The idea here is to look in surrounding areas for different things your family hasn’t done.  I was amazed at all the different Halloween events around us, and narrowed it down to this one.
  • Tuesday- The kids and I worked hard on our spooky kitchen display, complete with a fun tablescape so I think we’ll have a spooky dinner, and then read some Halloween stories by candle light like we’ve done in years past. I found this list of fun spooky dinner ideas.
  • Wednesday- The big day!  Since we’re new in town, I think we’ll go see the festivities planned in our historic down town and then let our kids do some good old fashioned trick or treating.

One thing I am really going to miss this year is our walk through our neighborhood with flashlights.  My kids loved this!  But our new neighborhood has no decorated houses, so I am afraid it won’t have the same effect :).  If you have a really festive neighborhood, you’ve got to try that one, so fun.

Here are last years lists for more ideas of fun things to do leading up to Halloween: be sure to read the comments as there are some really fun ideas from the readers.

Need more ideas?  This list for 31 Family Friendly Halloween Traditions has a great variety of ideas.

ABC Family’s 13 Nights Of Halloween is underway, and here is the schedule for the show lineup.

That about does it! Does your family have a fun tradition?  Leave it in the comments, I love new ideas!

Happy Haunting,


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