Handmade Valentine Lacing Cards with Free Printables

by Aubrey on January 27, 2010

Lacing Card Valetine
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I am so excited about today’s Valentine…like giddy excited.  Not only are they cute but they also serve multiple purposes.

First, lacing is an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and concentration.  Lacing these little hearts will not only keep them busy, but their friends can untie and re-lace them until their hearts content.

Second, they provide a perfect solution for presenting the childs ‘art’ in a way they can be proud of.  It is so much more than their scribbles on a paper.

Third, there is only so much they can do and this project provides many ways for them to be involved in the creative process, boosting self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. So let’s get started!

Pull On My Heart Strings Valentine Lacing Cards



  • Red, pink, white, card stock
  • Yarn or string in a coordinating color
  • Crayons or markers
  • Hole punch, scissors
  • Heart shape cookie cutter if you have one, freehand if you don’t!

I have provided a few different sayings you can print if you’d like, or you can just write one on. To print these you will need to click on the saying you want, this will take you to the larger image and then print on your white card stock, no need to download!  We have two boy versions below!

Now cut a heart shape around the saying, and then a second heart from an alternating color that is slightly larger.


Let them write and color on the larger heart, letting them know this is going to be the hidden Valentine.  Next place the first heart over the second and punch holes around the perimeter of the hearts.


Cut the yarn into a strip long enough to work with, and let them have fun lacing them together.  You can wrap tape around the end of the yarn if that makes it easier for them.  Now tie a bow.  You’re done!

Th perfect craft for little ones and their friends!  We would love to see pictures of how yours turn out, so be sure to send them our way.

Boys Printables

We had a few people requesting a boys version to print, and we can’t say we blame you.  Seriously, what boy wants to give out hearts?!  You could also find free printables of truck and use this same technique.  Click on the image you would like for the actual size and then print.

It should be noted that we used Picnik to make these fun printables.  If you are familiar with the system it could be fun to let the kids pick their own sayings and graphics.

We have seen so many great ideas all over the web and plan on doing a handmade Valentine roundup, keep an eye out!

Looking for more idea’s?  Check out our Valentine’s Page!


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