Have You Started A Family Tradition For The New Year?

by Destri on December 31, 2012

Family Traditions For The New Year

A new year is upon us, crazy isn’t it?  As much as I hate to see time fly, I love all the things a new year brings about – blank calendars, fresh starts, making plans, and dreaming new dreams. My son has been feeling the after Christmas blues and I was telling him how now he had the new year to cheer him up.  He looked at me puzzled, and as I was explaining it to him I realized we hadn’t started any family traditions for the new year.  Shame, shame.  Do you have a any? I have friends that have great ones, and I came up with a few, now I just need to pick one so I don’t give my family tradition overwhelm.  Catch me after the jump to see the ideas I’ve rounded up for you – there are some great ones!

10 Great Family Traditions For The New Year

  • Save your change for a cause – as a family pick out a foundation, local charity, or non-profit to “sponsor” for the year.  Designate a jar or container where you can collect everyone’s spare change through out the year to donate.  You could even plan a little bake sale or something to help in the efforts.
  • Make a Family motto – pick a favorite saying or quote as a family – maybe some words to live by or something to inspire or encourage your family through out the year.  I have a friend that does this every year and then they print it off, frame it, and hang it on the wall.  I love this.
  • See the first sunrise of the new year – wake in time to see the first sunrise of the new year. Make an event out of it and head to a favorite spot – the mountains, a hill, or a beach if you’re lucky. Take some hot cocoa, coffee, and donuts then do a little dreaming about the year to come.
  • Breakfast and calendars – head to your favorite breakfast joint and stop to buy a fresh calendar on the way.  As a family schedule some of the things you’d like to do this year. Maybe it’s a monthly date night with the kids, or a monthly movie night in with popcorn and treats. If it’s on the calendar it’s more likely to happen!
  • Create a fresh home – after you’ve taken all the Holiday decorations down, clean up and rearrange.  Move the couches around, switch up the decor, move things to different rooms. Let the kids get in on the fun and rearrange their room too.
  • Make a Family time capsule -  grab a newspaper from today and little things that hold a significance from the year to place in a container. Ticket stubs from events, plane tickets, found treasures.  A paper with everyone’s favorites things from the new year.  Then write the year on the front and hold onto it for a few years before opening.  I have a full post on making time capsules here.
  • Make a Family goal – Maybe you want to be more active, more adventuresome, or just spend some more time outside. Maybe find and do more fun things around home, or volunteer more.  Set a family goal and write it down.  Make plans to make it happen and talk about it through out the year.  Such a fun way to teach your kids about goals.
  • Capture memories – get a disposable camera for the kids and tell them to take a picture of some of their favorite things throughout the year. You might have to hang onto the little ones and remind the older ones – but at the end of the year you’re sure to have a whole album full of fun pictures from everyone’s favorite things from the year past.
  • Host a New Year’s Day Brunch – invite friends, neighbors, or family over for a New Year’s Day Brunch. Ask everyone to bring a favorite dish and you can supply the beverages. I have a friend that does this with her teens and their friends, and it seems to be a hit.
  • Family Bucket List – make a list of all the things you’d like to do as a family for the year. The symphony, the museum, or that festival you’ve always wanted to make it to.  Type them up, or write them on a chalk board for easy checking off.

You could easily do a few of these every year, and of course some are suited better to different stages your family is in.  Each are sure to create fun memories your family will love to look back on and remember all the fun ways you brought in the new year.

Does your family have any New Year traditions?  Leave them in the comments!

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