Handmade Heart Sachet or Air Freshener

by Destri on January 30, 2010

Handmade Scented Rice Sachets
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How cute are these?  You should smell them…they smell good.  So good you could eat ‘em.  I made these for a few of the ladies in my life for Valentine’s day, but I might keep them now.  They are so easy and you can use them as a sachet for your closet or for a room air freshener, or your car, or your husbands shoes, oh the possibilities are endless…and you could even use felt for a no-sew option.  Shall we get started?


  • Fabric
  • All your sewing stuff
  • Yarn if you want to hang it
  • Rice (instant is more porous)
  • Fragrance oil
  • Ribbon or rick rack if you want

Start by dropping a few drops of oil in the rice and stir.  A little goes a long way!  Set aside.

Start by cutting out two pieces of whatever shape you want it to be, in my case it was a heart for Valentine’s day.  Mine were a little too big at ten inches for the widest point my next ones I will cut down two inches.   If you want to make them smaller, they would be great hung in a car or on a hanger of a favorite coat.

If you are using some kind of ribbon or rickrack pin it to the right side of one piece then put the other piece on top, right sides together and pin.  If you are adding a loop of yarn to hang from, pin it in now.

Now sew the two together using a ½ inch inseam, and a two inch opening on a straight side.  When you get to the peak of the heart, make sure the needle is down and lift the foot to rotate it.  It’s just easier that way.

Lastly, fill the hearts with the rice and carefully sew shut.  Easy peasy pumpkin pie!  So easy you can make a few for yourself.

Happy Valentine-ing!

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