How To Cut A Watermelon

by Destri on May 15, 2012

How To Cube Watermelon

I love simple techniques that make my life easier, and when I saw how Maria cut her watermelon it was one of those “Oh sheesh, where have you been my whole life?” moments.   It’s the same way I cut my citrus fruit, but I had never thought to use it on a melons.  So much easier for making those pretty cubes that look great in summer salads.  Plus it makes it a cinch to get the seeds out. Catch me after the jump and I’ll show you how she does it and share a few great recipes for watermelon so you can put your new chopping skills to the test!

How To Cut A Watermelon Into Pretty Little Cubes

Pan and Knife

First, and I think this is so smart – cut the watermelon in a baking sheet.  If you have a cutting board that will fit in the pan, pop it in the bottom.  This will catch all the juices and mess.  Use a large sturdy butcher knife that is good and sharp.

Put the watermelon onto the pan and insert the knife through the center as shown.  Rotate the knife around the watermelon until you have cut all the way through.

Now you have two halves.  If there are seeds exposed remove them by slipping your finger underneath.

Now take and turn one half with the flat side down on the pan.  Cut the top off by sliding the blade across the top while rotating.

It should look like this. Just discard the top.

Now slide the knife down the edge of the watermelon a the point where the white starts, and work your way around the melon making sure to get all the rind.

See how pretty?  And so easy!

Now just make vertical slices through the melon halve.  This is the part you can easily remove any seeds. Just look through the section and slip you finger tip under them.

Last, turn a few slice on the side at a time and cut in opposite directions to create the cubes.  That’s it!

Toss in a bowl with some lime juice and  fresh chopped mint for a refreshing snack.  Or here’s a few great recipes for really showing off your new skills:

Happy slicing friends!

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