How To Make Peppermint Lollipops

by Destri on November 16, 2012

Make some cute Peppermint Lollipops to go with your Christmas display

Yesterday I talked about the Micheals Dream Tree Challenge, and my theme of “Winter Wonderland” (Edit! You can find the reveal here!)When I came up with the theme I had my kids in mind, and what their dream scenario would be.  I kept coming back to the Holiday cartoons with the winter woodlands theme.  You know the ones I’m talking about?  In the middle of the forest kids come upon a magical scene with a decorated tree, candy, and presents.  You following me – or is this just a dream from my 4 year old memories?

Either way, I don’t think I’ve met a kid that could come upon a scene like that and not find it magical.  So I came up with a plan, and part of that involved lollipops stuck in the “snow” surrounding the trees. I came up with two versions – catch me after the jump and I will show you how I made them!

Like I said yesterday, this whole winter wonderland theme with Micheals was meant to be.  They had everything I envisioned! Even the lollipops – but they weren’t quite the right color dang it.  So I stood there staring at that lollipop thinking of how I could duplicate it for about 10 minutes before I came up with an idea.  Lucky I was in a craft store, because they had everything I need to pull it off.  One stop shopping :).  Here’s what I picked up:

How To Make Peppermint Lollipops


  • red and white yarn
  • white card stock paper
  • red and green felt
  • wooden dowels (in the kids’ craft section)

I already had a hot glue gun and glue stick for assembly – you’ll need those too.  Oh, and a pair of scissors


First, cut 5 strands of white and red yarn the same length.  I just made five arm length pulls to measure, then used the first one as a guide.

Gather all the red in one strand, and one for the white, then tie the ends together on one side.  Trim the long pieces and glue to the center of a sheet of card stock.

Then just start twisting.  I did this in about two foot increments.

Then run a thin line of hot glue around the knot and start to bend the yarn around the knot. There will be one way that looks best with that first wrap – so check both directions.

Then keep twisting, gluing, and wrapping. I like to turn my paper as I go along.

Keep going :)

And going until you have as big of a lollipop as you want.  I made them almost as big as the paper.  Then cut around the yarn being careful not to cut it.

If you do not need them two sided you can just glue the stick to the back of the card stock like shown.

I needed mine to be two-sided so I made one more the same size on a separate paper.

Then run a bunch of hot glue all around the back of one, quickly place the stick (I only put about 1 inch on the circle – as it doesn’t need as much support this way) and then place the other side on top and press and hold for a minute.

There you have it!  Now how about another?  Where going for magical right?

For the second style, use something to trace out a circle on the card stock.  Cut out the circle

Then take your red and green felt and fold into fourths

Then cut out the shape shown and you should have four red pieces.

Glue two straight across from each other with the tips in, turn a quarter turn and repeat with the other two.

Now cut some smaller pieces from the green felt and glue in between the red ones.

Then trim off the ends to match the circle and glue on the stick, that’s it!

I didn’t make these two sided as they’re not seen from my window – which gives me a pass to be lazy :)

How To Make Peppermint Lollipops

These would be fun for any Holiday display, and you could even make smaller lollipops for ornaments with the kids – just use elmers glue and hold the hot glue.

I can’t wait to show you how it all came together! My kids just sit and look at it all night.  Mission accomplished :).

Next week friends!  I hope you all have a great weekend – we have a little birthday tomorrow and I am in total denial. My baby’s going to be 4.


Disclosure: This is part of a series of post sponsored by Michaels Stores.  They provided a tree and gift card as part of the Holiday Dream Tree Challenge.  All ideas and opinions are mine :)

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