How To Watermark Your Photos Using PicMonkey

by Destri on April 23, 2012

I have spent the entire weekend playing with PicMonkey.  There’s all sorts of things you can do with this powerful online photo editor.  For instance, I made that graphic up there – here is the tutorial on how to make printables,  super easy.  Then I worked on a fun way to transfer images onto wood, but I’ll keep that under wraps until it’s perfected.  Today I am going to show you how to watermark your photos a few different ways.

These days your photos can end up anywhere often without credit or a link, watermarking your photos is a great way to safeguard from people using your images as their own. Plus it helps build brand recognition.

It’s super easy, and PicMonkey has a few options Picnik did not offer that you’re going to love.  Catch me after the jump!

How To Watermark Your URL

First we’ll go over how to simply add your website’s URL to an image. I prefer to do this on my tutorial photos vs. the TMH logo on every photo.  I reserve that for the cover photo.

First upload your photo to PicMonkey from your computer, or drag it from your desktop.  Now you will have a screen that has all the basic editing features.  You will want to finish the editing of the photo before adding the watermark.  You can find a step by step tutorial for Basic Photo Editing With PicMonkey here.

When you have it where you want it, click on the P in the side icon options where the arrow indicates.


Scroll through the font options and pick a favorite. It would be wise to stick to the font most often used on your site for cohesiveness, but I really like that Playball :).

Next type your URL in the text box at the top and press add.  It will appear in the screen now, and from here you can change the color and size using the little box you see on the right.  I first chose white using the little bar on the left of the color box.

Adjust the size, and move the text where you want it by clicking and dragging.  You can also adjust the size and rotate the text by clicking and dragging.  Just play with it and you’ll see.

I like to make my watermark somewhat transparent just so it isn’t the main feature of the image.  You will see a fade bar under the color box, just drag it to where you want.

I ended up changing the color to gray, and then just save to your computer.  Easy peasy.  I have found that it really only takes an extra few seconds to add my url and totally worth it.

Now let’s add a logo.

How To Add A Logo Watermark

PicMonkey has a great feature under stickers for adding your own overlay or sticker.  You can use any form of your logo, but I think it looks best if you have a .png file of your logo on a transparent background. You can ask your graphic designer to provide one for you, just let them know what you intend to do with it.

If you have Photoshop, you can make a transparent file there, saved as a .png, and then have it to use on PicMonkey.

If that is not an option, take your logo and crop it down on picmonkey to just the logo, then save it to your computer.  I will show you how you can add a frame to it later.

Once you have your logo saved on your computer ready to use as a sticker, just click on the sticker icon in the side options as shown with the arrow.

Now click on “your own”, then upload the logo.  It will pop up on the screen.  You can see that mine is just the TMH logo with a transparent background.

Drag it to where you want and resize by clicking and dragging on the sides.  Once I did this, I decided to add a label as a background so it would show up better…

Under the same stickers menu, scroll down and find the labels.  You could also use a square, circle, or rectangle under geometric – or the arrows are great too.  It will depend on the size of your logo.

Click on the label you want, and then just like before change the size, color, and position.  I chose to use two of the same, one gray and one white.

I layered the white one on top of the gray one to create the look of a frame.

Then I uploaded the logo again and added it to the frame.  That’s it!

It may seem like a lot, but really if you just add the logo you only have one step. If you do the frame just a couple more, and together only a minute of your time. Quick and easy!

If you’re curios, the image is from the Salt Pouches For The Shower Or Bath Tutorial, it was one of my first and most favorite but the images make me cringe!

Photography Brand Watermark

You can also make your own brand on Picmonkey to use for a watermark.

I just used a font I liked, made it white, and then changed the opacity to 32%.

And here’s a tip:  I created a square sticker in white, then adjusted the opacity (fade) to match the text.  Then just right clicked the image, then click on the duplicate clipart.  This is great for when you are creating multiple images you want the same, as it duplicated in the same color and size.

I put four squares together and then used the rectangle sticker to extend the graphic over the length of the image, again with the same fade %.

There you have it! Three ways to watermark your photos, so that no matter where they end up, everyone knows where they came from.

Like I said there are so many ways to use PicMonkey, just head over and start playing. it’s very intuitive and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Just a note: if a little monkey pops up when using some of the features, it’s just PicMonkey letting you know that feature will be part of the premium package when the time comes.  Just continue with the editing and it will go away.

Keep an eye out for the other tutorials, I am super excited about the wood one.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might find it useful, it’s the best compliment ever!

Thanks for reading,


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