Lollipop Tree

by Aubrey on November 27, 2013

Lollipop Tree

Are you looking for a fun craft to do withe the kiddos this week to start getting ready for Christmas?  This was a fun one that my girls did this past week.  We had a lot of leftover Dum-Dum suckers from making Easter Bunny Suckers earlier this year, so we decided to use them for our Lollipop Tree.  Catch me after the jump for the details.

How to make a Lollipop Tree


  • suckers (about 60)
  • foam cone (2 7/8 in x 7 7/8 in)
  • green tissue paper (also some yellow for the top of the tree)
  • scissors
  • ruler


I’m going to explain how we did it and then let you know what we would have done differently to make it a little easier.  :-)  We began by cutting the tissue paper into 3 1/2 inch squares and then wrapping each sucker.  It was easiest for my daughter to put the sucker in the middle of the square, pull up each side, and then twist the bottom around the stick.wrapping the lollipop

It was a little tricky to get them all in because there is only so much room in the cone for the sticks.  We actually didn’t fill the back all the way.  Once we were done putting all the suckers in the cone I wasn’t all that impressed.  It just looked like a tree…not a fun Christmas tree…unfinished lollipop tree

So we decided to decorate the tree by pulling off some of the wrappers to decorate the tree.  This was definitely the girls favorite part.  :-)  Here is a picture of the back of the tree and the front.

back and front

If we were to do it over again, we would have unwrapped the suckers that we wanted to decorate the tree with before we stuck them all in.  :)  This would have made it a little bit easier.

This craft was a little difficult for my 4 year old to put the suckers in the cone, so my 7 year old and I mostly did it.  If you’re looking for an easier Christmas tree idea, this gumdrop tree was very easy and fun to make.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




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