My Winter Wonderland For The Michaels Dream Tree Challenge

by Destri on November 20, 2012

Dream Tree Winter Wonderland

Friends, I think I pulled it off.  When Michaels asked me to create my dream tree using only their (huge) selection of Christmas trees, ornaments, decor, and crafts – within about a half an hour I had envisioned a winter wonderland my kids would love.  A fanciful scene pulled straight from some of my favorite Christmas shows was the goal.  A fresh blanket of snow, with candy sticking up from it, brightly lit trees with presents wrapped underneath, and a flickering lamp post.  My first shopping trip proved to be a success with me finding everything I needed and more.  My kids think its all sorts of magical. Their favorite part? The mailbox! Catch me after the jump for more pictures and all the details!

How To Create A “Winter Wonderland”

I had planned on having to make a lot of the things I needed to create the scene I wanted it – but as it turned out, the only thing I had to make were the Peppermint Lollipops, and then using an idea from Michaels tutorials I made the red wrapped candies you see peaking out in the back. That was it!   So really, the whole thing came together quick and easily.

Once I had everything up, decorated, and a pretty good idea of how I wanted it arranged, I used boxes to create different elevations. I put the big tree on a large box in the corner, and then one small tree on a taller box, with the other small tree on the floor.  The lamp post I put on a book – just put the book under all the fluff.

To get the candy canes to stand up I used a knife to cut two holes in the top of a shallow box and placed them to make an X.  I used the same box to put the mailbox on.

I used dome shaped floral foam to put the lollipops in.  In the end, I placed the foam where I wanted the lollipops to be, and then after I layed down the final layer of snow, I cut a little whole in it and stuck the lollipops in.

Then using one big comforter around the big tree, and a bunch of bags from the store I softened up the corners of the boxes and added a little “fluff” to the floor.  On top of that I rolled out a layer of buffalo snow to smooth it all out.  Finally, I used “snow blankets” that had the sparkles on them for the top layer of the snow. I made sure I had everything hung, including the garland and bow above the window so I didn’t have to mess with the snow.

Then I just put everything that went on top of the snow where I wanted it.  I love how it looks like a fresh snowfall the way the deer and the lamp post pressed down into all the fluff.  There is one seam behind the lamp that runs vertical and you can barely see it – at night not at all.

This is how it all looks during the day.  Nice and bright!

For the ornaments, I used a mix of three of Michaels collections – and the picks which were all new to me were fun.  They look great poking out of the branches and match the garland draped on the two smaller trees, and the larger garland hung framing the window. I love love the sparkle picks, they look like snow sparkling on the branches.  You can’t really see them in the picture but they are one of my favorite parts of the tree. And the star is perfect.

At night they all light up and glisten from the lights on the tree.

The mailbox, my kids favorite element.  It has already seen plenty of use with letters to Santa.  I think it would make for a really fun advent activity somehow – like a treat a day showing up inside.

I made the little Santa envelope for decoration.  If you’d like to print off your own click on the little image below, this will open it in a new window.  Then right click, save to your computer and print with no scaling.

Dear Santa Envelope

I printed it on card stock, and directions for putting it together are on the template.

One of my favorite elements is the lamp post.  It really is the cutest with little snowflakes on the lantern part and scrolling white metal.  You can adjust the height, which is a nice feature. For the candle I used a battery operated votive that flickers – it looks so real!  To top it off I hung a cute little bell wreath from it.

In the end this all came together so easy I felt like I was cheating.  Like it should have been a crafting mess around my house for the entire week of the challenge! I was genuinely impressed with the quality and selection of all the Holiday decor at Michaels and it made for an easy task.

You can see all the Christmas trees from the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge here on Facebook, or here on Pinterest.

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing for a fun Christmas display..endless possibilities!

Have a great Thanksgiving friends!


Disclosure: This is part three of a series of post for the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge in which they provided a tree and gift card for the event.  All ideas and opinions are mine :)

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