No Sew Handmade Gift Card Holder

by Destri on November 21, 2009

A Personal Touch to a not so personal Gift Card

No matter how hard I try, someone on my gift list ends up with a gift card for Christmas.  Not that I think they are a thoughtless, they just always seem to lack in the “I am so stinkin’ excited to give this to you!” factor.

Last year I made quite a few of the gifts I gave, and they by far were peoples favorites.  This year I would like to make even more, and came up with this idea to add a little personal touch to the gift cards I give.  I think Martha would be pleased.

Don’t be scared by all the steps shown below, each one takes a minute or less to do.   Seriously they were really fast to iron out, and if you do quite a few at a time, you will have minimal time invested.  No sewing machine required; just a scrap of holiday fabric and a few other things most sewers have lying around.

Piece of fabric cut to 5¼ x 5¼
Piece of fuse a shade cut to 5¼ x 5¼
Stitch Witchery
Needle and Thread

  1. Cut your fabric and lining to 5¼ x 5¼
  2. Iron lining to fabric
  3. Using a ruler or cutting board cut off one corner 1¼ inch deep
  4. Center gift card on fabric and fold over to cover most of the card as shown above and make a crease

  1. Now with the card with the card still centered trace along each side and fold to create a crease
  2. Cut small strips of stitch witchery and place under side folds
  3. Iron making sure not to scorch fabric (yes, it happened to me)
  4. Fold under top flap and cut a small notch as shown above

  1. Now lining up with the notch just created, tack on a strip of ribbon with needle and thread (mine measured 7 in long)
  2. Thread the ribbon through and tie a bow
  3. This is the back
  4. This is the front!

I used cut, peel, and stick on felt and a scrapbook tag to create the embellishments for the first envelope.  For the second I am going to attach a cute holiday button, on the third I used heat bond to iron on some little cut outs I made with scrap fabric.  Easy peasy, pumpkin pie!

I think they will be fun to add to the little gift baskets I am doing for the neighbors with a gift card to Netflix.  They  would also look great placed on the branches of the Christmas tree  don’t you think?

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