Painting With A Top

by Aubrey on January 15, 2014

Painting with a top

Whenever my girls go to a birthday party they usually bring home a goody bag that almost always includes a little plastic top.  The last time they brought one home I thought, we should try to paint with this thing!  It was a hit with my seven year old but my five year old didn’t enjoy it as much because she has a hard time getting it to spin.  We ended up pulling out marbles for some marble painting for her.  Catch me after for the jump for some instructions and tips on top painting.

Top Painting




  • washable paint
  • paper plate
  • a top
  • pan (I got mine at the dollar store) or shoe box
  • paper cut to the size of your pan or box

dipping the top in paint

First we put a couple different colors of paint on the paper plate.  Then my daughter would dip the top into the paint, put it in the pan, and give it a good spin.

spinning the top

We discovered that if you coat the top really well and then spin it, the paint would spray and make some fun designs.

finished picture

Here is her finished product.  It turned out fun and different than all the other ways we have painted before.  I hope your kiddos enjoy top painting as much as mine did!




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