Personalized Hand Sanitizer For Teacher and A Round-Up Of Ideas

by Aubrey on May 19, 2010

It’s that time of year…school is coming to an end, summer is about to begin!  Yay!

Some of you may be thinking about what you can give to the teacher that your child has grown to love and respect, and who has taught your child so much this year.  I know I am grateful for wonderful teachers!  I’ve been one (yes, that’s right…a wonderful teacher) :-) and it isn’t easy.

Personalized Soap or Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

On to the project for the day…this first one isn’t super kid friendly per say, but there are ways to involve them.  I am also including some links to other projects to give you some options.  I chose this first one because it can be for a male or female teacher…men might not appreciate homemade flowers as much as the women.   It is also something that they will be able to use and not just trash.


  • hand sanitizer or soap
  • a quote or saying copied onto overhead projector paper
  • Goo Gone
  • rag
  • scissors

The first thing you will want to do is measure the size of the hand sanitizer or soap that you are going to use.  I used a Purell 8 oz. bottle for mine.  It is approximately 4 inches high and 3 inches wide, so on my computer I made a text box appropriately that size.

At the top you  write the teachers name and then adjectives describing hands: clean hands, willing hands, loving hands, giving hands, kind hands, strong hands, helping hands, caring hands, friendly hands, joyful hands.  Be creative or better yet, allow your child to be creative and write a poem about the teacher.  There are a lot of different quotes or different things you could put on it.

After making a copy from your computer, you will need to take it to a copy store to have it copied onto an over head projector sheet so it doesn’t wipe off and smear.  It only cost me $.75 at Office Max.  You will then cut inside the lines of the box so you don’t have any lines showing.

Then roll up the little square small enough to slide into the bottle.  Use the pump straw to get it positioned where you want it.

Next, pull the brand stickers off the bottle.  You will need the Goo Gone to get the sticky stuff off.   Tip:  if you rub it on and then let it sit for a minute, the gooey stuff will come right off.  It’s good stuff!

Here are some other great ideas:

DIY Personalized Pencil Sharpeners

These little personalized pencil sharpeners from Giver’s Log are perfect for telling teacher thank you.  Your child can write anything on them, throw in some pretty pencils and your set!

Your Out Of This World Candy Bar Wrappers

This inexpensive idea from Skip To My Lou would be perfect for female or male teachers, and great if your child has multiple teachers.  You could get creative with different sayings and candy bars!

Petal Earrings

Oh aren’t these pretty?  If you have an older girl who loves to make things and would really like to knock their teachers socks off, look no further.  These earrings from Ruffles and Stuff are just right for the pre-teen on up!

Edible Flower Bouquet

No watering, no wilting….the perfect bouquet of flowers!  These Edible Flowers don’t only look pretty, but they taste good too. :-)  My daughter really enjoyed making these. They are perfect for your preschooler on up!

Button Bookmarks

I love this project!  They are book-markers from Noodlehead, and she even has a free download with a cute saying to go with them.  Easy and fun!  Found via Giver’s Log Gift Guide, a ton of great ideas over there!

Hand Print Flower Bouquet

Last but not least, no one can resist a child’s hand print and these flowers are a fun way for the kids to really be involved.

What about you, what are your ideas?  Links welcome!

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