Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wand

by Aubrey on April 16, 2014

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wand

I don’t know about you, but there never seems to never be enough bubble wands for all the kids, especially when friends are over.  My daughter came home with some home made bubble wands from preschool a couple weeks ago, and I was super excited to share our new discovery with you!  Catch me after the jump for all the details…

Making Bubble Wands


  • pipe cleaners
  • bubble solution
  • a bowl to put the bubbles in


To make the wands it is super simple.  Simply round one of the ends…

making the bubble wand

and then twist that end around the pipe cleaner.

twisting the pipe cleaner

The girls had a great time making all different sizes to see how big or small they could make the bubbles.

bubble wand

Bubbles are the perfect Spring and Summer activity.  I hope your kiddos enjoy making the bubble wands as much as mine did!


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