Quinoa Chicken Fajita Casserole

by Maria on February 19, 2013

Quinoa Fajita Casserole

The super healthy grain, quinoa, is getting more and more popular. People are falling in love with it’s nutty undertone and looking for ways to incorporate it into their diets. This Quinoa Chicken Fajita Casserole is the perfect way to introduce your family to the popular grain. Quinoa seems a little intimidating if you have never cooked with it before but trust me, if you can cook rice, you can cook quinoa. In fact it works great to cook it in your rice cooker.

Remember my list of High Fiber Meals and Snacks? This recipe is another meal that will help you reach your goal for 25-30 grams of fiber a day. It is also high in protein and so tasty the whole family will love it. Each time I have made this casserole my 4 year old and my 6 year old have both asked for seconds. Catch me after the jump for this easy and delicious recipe.

I love coming up with recipes that allow me to carry over leftovers to another night of the week. I hate wasting and I also love the time is saves me when one night of cooking can knock out two or three meals for the week. My favorite thing about this recipe is that it is designed to use your leftovers from The Best Crock Pot Fajitas, so I always double the recipe when I make them. You can freeze 2-3 cups of the leftovers or you can keep them in the fridge, wait a day or two, and refashion the leftovers into this awesome casserole…..no one will ever know.

Quinoa Chicken Fajita Casserole


2 cups quinoa, raw
4 cups chicken stock or chicken broth (I use 4 cups water and 4 tsp granulated chicken bullion)
2-3 cups leftover Best Crock Pot Fajitas
A shake or three of chili powder, cumin and garlic powder
1-2 cups shredded colby jack or cheddar cheese
1-2 tbsp chopped cilantro (optional)


  • If using a rice cooker to cook quinoa; place raw quinoa, chicken stock or broth in rice cooker and cook as you would rice.
  • If not using a rice cooker; follow package directions using chicken stock or broth in place of water.
  • During last 3-5 minutes of the quinoa cooking time, shake the desired amount of chili powder, cumin and garlic powder on the leftover fajita mixture.
  • Heat leftover fajita mixture in microwave until nice and hot.
  • Combine cooked quinoa and fajita mixture while still hot and place in 9×9 or 9×13 pan (depending on how dense you prefer your casserole)
  • Cover mixture with cheese and place under the broiler until cheese is melted to your preference.
  • Sprinkle with chopped Cilantro and serve

This Casserole rocks and comes together so quickly and easily when you use the leftover fajita filling. Adding a cup of chili, canned or homemade, works great in this recipe. I have also used a layer of leftover refried beans under the cheese layer and it turned out great as well. This is a versatile recipe that can be tailored to what you have on hand.

If your are looking for more ways to incorporate this super food into your diet, you might try this Fresh Honey Lime Avocado Quinoa Salad – perfect side dish for your Summer BBQ’s!




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