Re-purposed Spice Rack

by Suzanne on September 12, 2011


So I was just about to throw this 1990’s spice rack (wedding gift, sniff, sniff) with spices out.  It was sitting on a chair in my mud room on the way out the door when my husband said, “you know you could use that for storing all the sand we have collected at the beaches we’ve been to”.  Then a light bulb went off and I said, “no, I could use it for storing my little crafty stuff”! He didn’t really like that idea, but I did.  Besides the sand we have would only fill up one row, then what? I immediately starting dumping 20 year old spices out and threw the lids and little jars into the dishwasher.  The lids had the names of the spices on them but since it was old they peeled right off in the dishwasher and the bottles came out look sparkling new :).  If you ever run across one of these little gems at a garage sale or flew market now you know what you can use it for.

Some other uses I thought of are:

  • beads for jewelry
  • buttons and sewing supplies
  • screws, nuts and bolts for the hubby
  • cake decorating tips
  • office supplies
  • kid’s craft supplies

I’m sure there is a bunch more uses for this little spinning rack.  Now it’s your turn to get on out there and re-purpose something you don’t love into some you do love.


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