Shape Scavenger Hunt With Printable

by Destri on August 10, 2011

For those of you that missed it, here is the Shape Scavenger Hunt I shared over on Whatever Dee Dee Wants.  This really was a lot of fun for my kids, I was a little surprised with how excited they were about it!  It is the perfect activity for preschoolers who are learning their shapes.  And if it is 110° outside, this is the perfect game to play inside.  You can take the print out anywhere and they can find shapes wherever you go!

Shape Scavenger Hunt For Preschoolers

Ages – 2-5 years old


One thing I love about this age is that they are so excited about learning.  And I tend to underestimate my two year old for some reason.  I always find myself thinking “wow, I didn’t think she would understand that!”.  But time and time again she surprises me, so don’t leave the little ones out of this one!

Print out this page by simply clicking on the image, save, then print.  We were at home when we played so I just told my kids that we were going on a hunt for shapes.  I was pleasntly surprised by their level of enthusiasm, they took the challenge very seriously :).  If you are in the car, just give them the sheet and let them mark the shapes off as they see them.  I think this would be a great activity for the grocery store to keep their little minds busy.

We started by looking over the shapes…then they were off!

First they found some squares and rectangles…

Then I asked them if they could see any ovals.  My son runs to this picture frame, but the one that surprised me was the two year old…

I had a dresser drawer open and she spotted the oval in the wood grain.  Of course I was excited, because I never thought she would be that observant, and she knew she had found a good one.  She was pretty proud :)

While in the same room I asked if they could see any triangles.  I had to remind them that they had three sides, and showed them the picture again, and sure enough, we found one.

Then we had to find a star.  I will be honest, I thought this would be a tough one.  We talked about it having five points, looked at the picture, and to my sheer amazement my two year old looks up and points to the fan.  Sheesh!  I don’t think I would have thought of the fan!

Next we headed outside where we instantly found a circle.  At this point my son says, “Mom, shapes are everywhere!”.  It was fun to see him recognize the point of the activity.

Again, this one shocked me.  My two year old found the diamond.  All by herself.

They were really exited about finding the octagon :)

We searched and searched for the semi-circle, but we had to find it back inside.  Yay!  We had found them all!  But they kept on going for at least a half an hour bringing me different items with shapes.

The next day we took the shapes in the car and they had just as much fun with the activity while driving.  That’s the great thing about this game, just print out the shapes and take it anywhere; in the car, to the mall, at the store…they’ll soon learn that shapes are everywhere!  We have even moved onto some more complicated shapes now, like trapezoids…big stuff ;).

Happy Wednesday friends, hope you are having a great week!


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