Simple Diy Flip Flops

by Destri on March 5, 2012

Diy Toddler Flip Flops
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I figure when the temps stay in the the 70’s for more than a week it’s officially flip flop weather, am I right?  I have to say, I could have went with a little more winter, but at least now I can justify showing you another way to whip up some diy flip flops.  I have a few different versions coming (think ruffles and all sorts of cuteness), but they all require a sewing machine, so I wanted to share this simple no-sew makeover.  Although you can do several things with this concept, I am just going to show you the basic concept today – then have fun adding fabric flowers, beads, bows, or anything else you come up with.  I’ve done this before, but this time for my little one – they are much more comfortable without the rubber.  Grab a pair of flip flops and let’s get started!

Deconstructed Diy Flip Flops


  • fabric – light-weight woven fabric (not knit or stretchy)
  • flip flops – I buy mine at Old Navy, they have a great size selection
  • utility scissors or knife
  • fray check if you don’t like fray


Start by cutting off the tabs holding the rubber tops on. You can use a knife or heavy duty scissors.


Now you have two flops, without the flip – or maybe the other way around ;).

Now cut two strips of fabric with pointed tips. Make them plenty long to work with, and about 1 inch thick.

You can see that I used knit in the pictures, I was trying to make a no-fray option, but I had to switch it out for woven.  The knit just had too much stretch, I ended up using a Swiss dot woven fabric and it worked great.  If you don’t like fray, just add the fray check to all the fabric edges.


Make a loop with the fabric and pull the pointed tips through the hole from the top.

Leave about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of the loop at the top.

Then tie a tight knot on the bottom. Some fabric require a double knot, so if you feel like it needs it, go for it.

And cut off the tails, and push the ends into the hole with the knot. You can add a spot of hot glue if you want too, but I have found it unnecessary.  Repeat on the other flop.

Now make the same fabric cuts and add loops to the sides like shown and tie the knots on the bottom.

Next, cut the strips of fabric that will go on top.  I ended up cutting the woven fabric to about 17 inches long, but you will adjust this length depending on the size of foot. Just make it extra long, and then you can cut them shorter when you’re finished.

Pull one strip through the top loop and then pull each end through the side loops.

Tie the backs to a length that when pulled on, they meet the back end of the flop. Leave the tails and try on the foot you’re making them for. Walk around a minute to decide if you need to adjust the length.

And that’s it! So easy, and so many fun things you can do with it!  We left these simple, but I think I will make some little interchangeable clips for the sides.

Diy Flip Flops

This is the adult version, The Key West Flip Flop Diy.  I can’t believe it’s been two years ago! You can see I added fabric flowers to the side of these.

We have quite a few different Diy Flip Flops, all of which are no-sew, check them out!

This Thursday, I have a couple fun and fancy versions you can make if you have a sewing machine, stay tuned!

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