Simple DIY X&O Valentine’s Day Decor

by Destri on January 23, 2012

Simple DIY X&O Valentine's Day Decor
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I feel a tad behind on the Valentine’s Day front, it’s everywhere!  I usually love to decorate for the holiday, but with this apartment, it’s proven to be difficult.  Makes me miss my heart garland :).  I had painted and mod-podged these X&O letters to put on my diy chunky shelves from last year.  I had almost forgot about them, until I ran across a picture of the shelves a couple weeks ago.

When we sold our house the buyers requested that the shelves stay.  With this new move I haven’t had time to make any new ones, so I decided just to rework them.  A little yarn, a couple sticks, and some putty later I have a new decoration to hang on my wall.  I think it is a great way to add a little Valentine’s day to a front door too.  Catch me after the jump and I will show you how!

Simple X&O Valentine’s Day Decor


  • X&O letters painted and Mod Podged (I used vintage sheet music for the &)
  • Tacky Putty
  • Crochet thread or yarn
  • Sticks

Tie one end of the yarn to an end of one stick, then wrap around the stick to hide the bark underneath.  Then tie off the end and repeat on the second stick.

If you look in the supplies picture I had tacks, but the wood was too hard.  So I bought some of this nifty mounting putty.  It holds up to a pound, so it worked great.

Cut off two strings and tie at the top around the sticks, then take the other two ends and secure with the putty per the instructions on the packaging.  Repeat on all letters.  Now just hang!

Like I said, I think it would look great on a front door, I just didn’t have that option.

So there’s my little remake, how about you? Ever re- make your old decor to make it feel new?




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