Simple Handmade Ornaments For Christmas

by Suzanne on December 19, 2011

Homemade Ornaments

I’m usually baking like crazy at this time of year but I really wasn’t feeling well one day and thought I needed a break from my everyday life of cooking. I thought I could get out my crafty stuff and make a huge mess, surely that would make me feel better – and you know what?  It did.  I jumped on Craftgawker for a little inspiration (have you been there? Great place for crafting inspiration),  saw all sorts of beautiful handmade ornaments, and I was off and running.

I made these all in one day which is important to me because I hate having crafts undone. My 10 year old son and I made the pom pom ball one together by gluing the balls on with hot glue, I held the foam ball while he worked the glue gun and he was quite proud of that. The shell one came about from tons shells we have collected over the years and the black and white ornament was just from some pretty craft paper that I pinned on with dress pins.

I’m telling you if you are a beginner crafter these are great to do because they take very few skills. Catch me after the jump for all the details and how-to!

Simple Looped Paper Ornament

Handmade Paper Ornament

This is perfect for all you paper addicts, you know who you are!  I found this ornament idea from Laura Wears, and loved it.

foam ball
dress pins
craft paper
paper cutter or scissors
spray glitter (optional)
ribbon for hanging

1.  Gather craft paper you like, a foam ball any size 2 in., 4 in. or larger, dress pins, and paper cutter or scissors.  Cut strips of paper 1 inch by 3 inch long.
2.  For the first one make a circle with the paper strip.
3.  Pin into the ball, this will be the top of the ball that you will hang ribbon from.
4.  Next get a strip of paper and pinch it together end to end with the side you want to see on the outside.
5.  Put a pin through the paper at the ends.
6.  Stick the pin into the ball close to the circle.
7.  Repeat over until the ball is filled.
8.  If desired spray the ball with a glitter spray for sparkle, I used glittery hairspray

Diy Shell Ornament

These would be perfect for using shells from different beach locations you have been to.

foam ball
hot glue gun and glue
regular paper glue

1. Gather the shells you want to use, I tried finding them all close to the same size. Get a foam small foam ball or whatever size you prefer. The foam ball I used was a tight foam ball that can take the heat of the hot glue. My foam ball also had a small hole in the top.Put t
2.  Cut a piece of ribbon the length you would like for the hanger and put the two ends together.
3.  Put the ribbon over the hole if your foam ball has one.
4.  Take a dress pin with a large head on the end and press it into the hole to secure the ribbon.  If yours doesn’t have a hole then dab some hot glue on the spot you plan to stick the pin into on the foam ball to help secure the ribbon, then press the pin into the ball.
5.  Cut off the left over ribbon close to the foam ball.
6.  Starting at the top where the hanger is glued and pinned in glue your first shell on.  Depending on the type of shells you have glue the shells overlapping one another or side by side.
7.  Repeat gluing shells until they completely cover the ball.
8.  Now that the shells are hot glued on it’s time to glitter the shells.
9.  I used a white iridescent glitter but use what your like.  Paint on the glue with a paint brush and glitter as you go.  I used a paper glue that drys clear and shiny, but Elmers glue would work just fine. I tied a bow at the bottom of the hanger but that optional.

Diy Pom Pom Ornament

This is perfect for the older kids in your house, especially in a couple days when they are out of school and driving you bonkers!

foam ball
glue gun
dress pin
colorful pom pom balls

1. Start by pinning the hanger in like the shell ornament.
2. Begin by gluing the balls on in random order starting at the top and gluing as close together as possible.
3. Tie a ribbon into a bow at the bottom of the hanger if you like.

So there you have it, a few homemade ornaments to get you out of your baking rut ;).

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


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