Starry, Starry Night: Holiday Stars

by Davina on November 29, 2013


For any holiday…

I originally began making these stars for our Christmas tree years ago.  And then I made them to hang from my kitchen cupboard door knobs.  Then they were made to hang from my ceiling above my dining table.  I couldn’t help myself…I made them for New Year’s Eve celebrating…

I’m addicted to them.

I can’t help it.  I hang anything I can think of from the ceiling.  In January it’s snowflakes.  In February it’s hearts…by the time Christmas gets here I know I’ve got to hang something from the ceiling.  Then they stay up through the New Year.  They are the perfect party time transition.

Five years ago I made these stars and now every year when they come out of hiding with the rest of the Christmas decorations I look forward to hanging them from the ceiling on the Christmas tree…they look beautiful in so many places!  These are an opportunity for even your little kids to sit next to you and chat while wrapping wire around stars.  That’s the fun part.  The chatting (the purpose of the task, of course).


Star cookie cutters (we use three different sizes)
18 gauge wire (thick wire for the star)
26 gauge wire  (thin wire that will wrap easily around the star)
wire cutters
needle nose pliers (not shown)
*optional: beads and buttons




Choose one of the star cookie cutters as your pattern for the main part of the star.

On one side of the star cookie cutter bend the 18 gauge wire around one point.  Follow around the rest of the star with the 18 gauge wire.

The ends of the wire will come back around and meet.  Let them overlap for a full side of one of the points of the star (I always give it another 1/4 inch). Slide the wire off of the cookie cutter (and put the cookie cutter back on the table until you start the next star).


Snip the end of the wire a tiny bit longer than the overlapping ends, just a little past the the point.

On the overlapping sections bend the ends of the wire and then twist them around one another.  I use needle nose pliers to squish them tightly together once I’ve twisted the wires around each other.


The star is ready to wrap with wire.

Using the 26 gauge wire twist the end of the wire around one of the star’s 18 gauge sides until it feels secure.  Now wrap the wire all of the way around the star.  Go across the star and then diagonally.  Keep wrapping in every direction you can think of.  Wrap and wrap until the star is completely covered in wire…or you can do only a light wrap.

(We have stars that are covered in wire and ones that are barely covered.  My family likes to wrap like crazy and I like a little less wrapping.  Seeing them all hanging together makes me smile at the crazy little family I have.)

When you’re done wrapping your star, twist the wire around one of the 18 gauge sides of the wire to secure the end, the same way you started the 26 gauge wire.

Tie a piece of white or clear thread from one point of the star and hang from the ceiling (we just use tape).


Another use for your stars is on your gift wrapping.

Attach a star to your ribbon for a bit more festivity and two gifts in one.  (The person receiving your gift now also has a star to hang from their ceiling or a happy ornament.)




faceswithgrace_davinafearDavina Fear is a Familyness Adventurer. She is expert at brushing the tangly, curly, blonde hair of 3 girls and will never turn down a chocolate cupcake.

She blogs at and believes in the non-cheesy smile.

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Richa November 30, 2013 at 3:23 am

I will surely do the same this Christmas.. Amazing way to decorate your home! Its simply amazing ;)

Happy Thanks Giving Week :)


Stacia November 30, 2013 at 5:04 am

I love hanging decorations from the ceiling too. All growing up my family would fill our hallway with hanging snowflakes which made it feel like a winter wonderland.


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