Summertime Oatmeal

by Destri on June 25, 2010

I was going to put this on our cooking segment, but it makes me smile every time I eat it, so I thought it deserved to be here.

Though all of us here on TMH are strung around the US, and soon to add one to Canada, we at one time most lived in Texarkana, AR.  There was one week that Aubrey’s husband was out of town and she came and stayed with me.  We had a riot.  It was back in the day that we each had one baby and things were easy, even if we didn’t know it at the time.  She brought a bunch of her own food with her, and one morning she told me she wanted me to try something.  I watched as she dumped dry oatmeal, frozen blueberries, and slivered almonds into a bowl then poured vanilla soy milk over the top.  She said we needed to let it set for a few minutes and let the oatmeal soak up some of the milk, and I remember thinking it was either going to be really good, or totally granola.

It was really good. The texture of the oatmeal having just soaked up the milk was a great contrast to the crunch from the almonds, and the cold bite from the blueberries was the perfect antidote for the hot humid summer mornings in Arkansas.  And it was healthy, doesn’t get much better than that.

I eventually started using the light vanilla soy milk, as it had half the sugar.  Over the years I have found that if I add strawberries, it is plenty sweet with just regular milk.

So if things are heating up where you live and you love the “fill me up till lunch” feeling you get from eating oatmeal, this is a great alternative to the hot variety.

Aubrey’s Summertime Oatmeal

Ingredients For One Serving:

½ cup to ¾ cup of rolled oats or quick oats

handful of frozen or fresh blueberries

½ cup to 1 cup of your preferred milk (soy, vanilla soy, skim cows, whole….)

slivered almonds, or your favorite nut for some crunch

any other fruit that tickles your fancy

Add all the ingredients in a bowl and let set for about 5 minutes.

Then stir and eat!  So good…trust me you will like this one, and so will your figure!

Do you have any favorite summer breakfast ideas?

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