Gifts Kids Can Make

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Diy Bird Seed Wreath Ornaments

Last year Suzanne posted this great tutorial for How To Make A Bird Seed Wreath.  We had readers sending in pictures left and right, apparently they make wonderful gifts. One reader ( I believe it was Kathy!) had made a smaller version with her preschool class to make wreath ornaments, and was kind enough to […]

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Diy Tissue (Kleenex) Flowers

I know what your thinking – just when you thought the internet had overdone the tissue paper flower…Destri has to throw in another one.  Would it help if I told you it had sentimental value?  How about keep your kids busy for hours?  Aw, now I have your attention.  You see, when I was little […]

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Cookie Flowers Kids Craft

I was trying to think of something perfect for a Mother’s Day gift kids can make and in my search I found these Cookie Flowers Aubrey had made years ago.  I just love that they combine three things women love: candy, cookies, and flowers…especially made by a little loved one.  I think they would make […]

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