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Thanksgiving: 9 Ways to Familyness

Let the stress melt away Thanksgiving, or the holidays in general, can get pretty crazy and stressful.  I love it when everyone pitches in to help and each person gets to give whatever talent and ability they want to the process.  My sister and mom are ultimately the best planners in our family.  They plan […]

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Maria's Kitchen

{leftover} Thanksgiving Dinner Hand Pies

I’ve had this idea in my head for years of making hand pies out of Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers, and now that I’ve actually tried it I am so mad at myself for not doing it sooner-they are so good!  “Way better than a turkey sandwich” as my hubby puts it. It’s all your favorite flavors […]

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Crafty Kids Corner

Handprint Paper Plate Turkey

We are just a week and a day away from Thanksgiving, can you believe it?!  I haven’t gotten my turkey crafting fix yet so we decided to make these handprint paper plate turkeys.  Since I have some extras kiddos at my house this morning, I decided this would be a fun simple craft to make […]

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Crafty Kids Corner

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

I can’t believe we’re only a week away from Thanksgiving, and with it being so late in the month, Christmas is right on its heels.  It was tempting to bring out the Christmas Crafts – but there are so many fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids, and most have a full week off for the holiday […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner Garland

getting ready for an autumn outdoor dinner. Thanksgiving is coming.  I love the feel of autumn in the air and the way the leaves are changing and falling like snow to the ground.  It’s a little bit chilly in the evenings and the mornings and it makes me think it’s definitely time for soup…until the […]

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Free Printable :: Thanksgiving Trivia

Last year I made up this set of free printable Thanksgiving Trivia and it was a hit.  The one request I kept getting was adding an additional blank set of cards so that you could add your own trivia questions.  Per request, I made up a matching batch that you can add to the ones […]

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Crafty Kids Corner Thumbnail image for Free Printable :: Thanksgiving Jokes

Free Printable :: Thanksgiving Jokes

Destri’s Halloween jokes were a huge hit with my second grader, so I decided I better make some more for Thanksgiving.  There were a couple days that I forgot to put the Halloween jokes in her lunch box and she would come home disappointed and let me know that her friends were also disappointed. :(  One morning […]

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a Simply~Charmed Life Thumbnail image for The Thankful Tree

The Thankful Tree

a thankful heart is a happy heart. I posted this little tree a couple of years ago on my blog and everyone has loved it so much during November that I thought I’d share it with you awesome Mother Huddle friends! This is such an easy and fun project to do as a family and […]

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a Simply~Charmed Life Thumbnail image for Fun Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Fun Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Every year we do a list of fun traditions for Thanksgiving Day and I almost forgot to get this year’s list up!  Which would have been a shame because I asked our Facebook friends what some of their favorite things to do on turkey day were, and they had some great ideas. Thanksgiving Day Traditions […]

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Crafty Kids Corner Thumbnail image for Snail Mail :: Gratitude Card

Snail Mail :: Gratitude Card

This post is part of our Snail Mail’s Best series. Crafting, writing, and sending letters covers all the bases when it comes to cultivating a creative spirit in our kids.  Plus, who doesn’t love to get mail? This time of year is the perfect time to help our kids recognize all the things they have […]

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