Thanksgiving Dinner Garland

by Davina on November 8, 2013

Make a dot garland - perfect for beginner sewers!

getting ready for an autumn outdoor dinner.

Thanksgiving is coming.  I love the feel of autumn in the air and the way the leaves are changing and falling like snow to the ground.  It’s a little bit chilly in the evenings and the mornings and it makes me think it’s definitely time for soup…until the temperature hits the 70s by dinner time.

Later this month it’s going to start being cooler in the afternoons and I’m gearing up for an awesome outdoor dinner in our backyard.  My favorite part about these kinds of celebrations is that everyone gets involved.  I love having everyone pitch in with their favorite aspect of the party or something they are particularly talented at creating.

This circle garland was super easy to do with my girls and looked so festive and magical hanging outside above our tables.  These were part of a magical dinner in the woods that we did a couple of years ago.

Here are some simple instructions for making your own fun decorations…

Circle garland:

First, we cut out three different sized circles with circle punchers in the fall colored paper that we purchased at Michael’s.


Next, we sewed each of the circles into a garland.  For some of the garlands we sewed the circles right next to each other.  For other garlands we would sew a grouping of circles and then pull the thread from the machine to allow for a lighter feel in the garland.  Once we hung them up we really liked how the garlands with the thread pulled looked like they were suspended in the air.


(We also made cute little ribbon pillows for each chair-inspired by our friend, Natali.)

Creating something together as a family makes the celebration time that much sweeter.  The opportunities to chat and laugh and tell stories while baking, sewing, and lugging firewood are my favorite parts.  Of course, everyone isn’t in perfect, cheery moods the whole time…but thankfully, the smiley times are the ones everyone tends to remember.

What are some things you typically do this month?

2012-08-19_1345397674Davina Fear is a Familyness Adventurer.  She enjoys love pumpkin bread and hanging out by the campfire in her backyard as often as possible…which isn’t enough.

She blogs at and wants to know: have you gotten her FREE book: The Art of Familyness Photography?  Make sure to get it here.

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