The Blazer – My Spring Must-Have Item

by Destri on March 16, 2012

by Destri featuring a chambray jacket

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I tell ya, I think mother nature is hormonal.  One minute she has me in hot flash and the next a freeze spell.  I never really know how to dress this time of year – usually opting for layers of some sort using a cardigan, and then every time I look in the mirror I see someone looking a little frumpy.

First, I have really narrow shoulders, if any – second, I have….well, shall we say voluptuous arms?  Lastly, hard as I try *cough* not very hard *cough* I just can’t get rid of my little love handles, and they peek over the top of some of my favorite jeans.  Put all these together and an unstructured knit cardigan just ain’t cuttin’ it.  At all.

Then on a browse through Pinterest land the other day I found my answer.  It would balance out my narrow shoulders and curvy hips, conceal my upper arms and tighten up the line of my waistline.  Oh, and totally perfect for hormonal spring :).  The blazer.

“Of course!” I thought.  I used to wear a favorite blazer as a jacket and it solved all my problems. Then as I looked through my Style Pin Board I found that a majority of the styles I had pinned over the course of a year had a blazer.  It’s crazy that I don’t own one!

So now I’m on a mission to find a couple perfect blazers. First I found some styles I liked worn with a blazer, and then found some look-a-likes.

Here are a few ways I have found to wear them that I love:

How To Wear A Blazer

Have I convinced you yet?  Great, catch me after the jump for the blazers I found to get the look!

First up is the classic black.  I really like that this one from Kohls ($42.00) has 3/4 length ruched (very flattering) sleeves. It doesn’t have a front closure, and I am not sure if that’s a plus or not.

I found this blazer with a front closure and front flaps on H&M ($49.95) that is very similar to the look I linked above that Jennifer Aniston is wearing.  Those sleeves however look a little too snug for me :).

Here is a light colored Double Knit Blazer from Forever 21 ($22.80) that gets great reviews.

I love this Chambray Blazer from Ruche ($46.99) and actually already ordered one! I think it will be great with the new colored jeans style – that is if I dare go there.

The scallop detail in this blush blazer from Kohls ($35.00) is fun – I think this would look great with just about any look and would be easy to dress up.

I love that this Blazer from H&M ($39.95) has a loose fit yet still structured through the shoulders, just knot quite sure I could pull off the silver.

This white blazer from White House/Black Market ($118.00) is has some great grosgrain ribbon details and fanning in the back.  Again love the 3/4 length sleeves.

Plus a bunch more listed on my Style Pin Board too, a lot that go along with some of the listed looks.

So there’s my take of the must have item for my closet this spring,what do you think?  Are you a blazer fan?

Have you found your must have item for spring?  Maybe your absolute must not even though it’s hot?  Do tell, I haven’t talked about fashion with friends in forever, so it ought to be fun!

Happy Friday friends, hope you have a babysitter and a hot date!


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